Thursday, September 6, 2012

Flying Lotus: Until The Quiet Comes Film [VIDEO]

We are just under 1 month away from one of those inflection points in time and music where we all stop and admire works.
Until The Quiet Comes, Flying Lotus' potentially most anticipated record will see light of day world wide and might just set a new standard. Leading to that moment, we have a teaser, and quasi trailer for the coming opus, directed by Khalil Joseph (Aloe Blacc, Shabazz Palaces, Shafiq Husayn), all set in Los Angeles California. His two loves are beautifully merged in this 3min some trailer.

Music in order of appearance:

See Thru To U (feat Erykah Badu)
Hunger (feat Niki Randa)
Getting There (Feat Niki Randa)

Toronto, stay tuned...


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