Friday, September 14, 2012

dpeee: Almonds & TEAL

Something that I just came across in the endless maze that is the internet: Almonds & TEAL LP from dpeee. Now, the best part is I feel like I've kicked it with before. Either way, this Almonds & TEAL LP was produced with the rawest of elements. Allow me to quote him:


This "MixTape" was made with an SP-404 Using Ableton to multitrack. Synths i used were a ROLAND Gaia, Korg R3, Ensoniq SQ-R synth rack and some very minimal vst use (only 3 tracks). ALL Effects were done with the SP-404 and resampled to record the Entire mix LIVE. i Mixed down and mastered it in Cubase.

some personal shit...
This Album was recorded on the ROLAND SP-404, then mastered and mixed in Cubase then bounced from my Tascam Portastudio 414 MKII 4 Track tape deck. I used Vinyl for all samples and for Bass (except Tracks 3,4,8 and 14) I used the Korg R3 and Roland Gaia. All Cuts performed LIVE by your's truly. - dpeee

You can listen to the rest of the record below.

Man is asking for an honorary fee for $1 (or more) for this whole record. #deal. SHow love.



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