Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Brownswood electr*c 3

Never deny discovery is what I always say. As such, Brownswood returns. Found in my inbox a few weeks back was the new Brownswood Electr*c 3, another exquisitely curated compilation, the 3rd instalment on the fine comps. Via this wonderful vehicle, we're able to discover new and previously released material from across the globe. As you well know, there's no shortage of music but even the most ardent fan might miss a few releases. As such, Brownswood Electr*c 3 comes in to fill that gap with a healthy dose and known (like Krampshaft) and lesser appreciated bangers along side a few exclusives (as Kidsuke) . The tracklist is as follows:


Krampfhaft - Makin' Magic
Kidsuke - Tiny Concrete Block
Djrum - Lies (feat. Shadowbox)
Lost Twin - Nothing
Anushka - Tried & Tried
Aftawerks - Girl
Plezier - Wild
Metabeats - Bootney Farnsworth
The Risks - Too Many Y Chromosomes
Pomrad - Hot Rain
BMBxSpaceKid - Labyrinth
Jaded Laur - Scarlett
Frank Rodas - Kick It VIP
Dub Phizix feat. Fox - Never Been (electr*c VIP)

Out of the many, a few of my faves where The Risks, Aftawerks and the two tracks below.

Krampfhaft - Makin' Magic

Metabeats - Bootney Farnsworth

Due out September 24th 2012, you can listen to the teaser as it was posted by Brownswood, you can get a taste of the record on a whole.



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