Wednesday, September 19, 2012

B. Bravo & Teeko: The Starship Connection EP [VIDEO]

Frite Nite.

Been way too long since I've touched on this Bay area band of beat and bass fanatics. But so happens to be that RBMA alum B Bravo and Teeko have released an EP entitled Starship Connection, on the Frite Nite imprint. Say wrd. The fans of B Bravo will tell you: that funk and heavy synth rule supreme with his work. This collab w/ Teeko has maintained it's lane and certainly will take the listener on that new age, 2012 p-funk voyage.

1. The Roll Out
2. More Than Just A Dream
3. Just Like Magic
4. Double Up (K Murda's Theme)
5. More Than Just A Reprise


You can also download More Than Just A Dream here, but more importantly, you can sample and buy the whole Starship Connection EP right from Frite Nite site.



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