Monday, July 9, 2012

Synth Arp & Drum Pad App

A music app launched with no massive fanfare, just straight talk, is a new App ported for the iPad, and the iOS producers out there on the tablet.
Yamaha is introducing a very solid looking app Synth Arp & Drum Pad as you have the years of pedigree, engineering and experience from the celebrated music manufacturer.

Here are some of the deets right from the Yamaha site:

- Choose from 61 high-quality voices from a variety of instruments including 7 drum kits.
- Cutoff, resonance, attack, release, and portamento can be adjusted with the knob control. Setting tonal qualities is easy.
- Choose from 342 arpeggio patterns from a variety of instruments.
- Control the swing, note length, octave range, and other characteristics for each arpeggio phrase in real time.
- Select and change the scale being played. That allows you to use Touch Control Function and you can modify the sound by sliding your finger vertically or vibrating your finger horizontally on the keyboard.
- The velocity can be changed depending by adjusting the strength of the tap on the iPad screen, or use the ribbon controller displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.
- For each of the 16 drum pads, you can assign 5 notes at a specific velocity which allows you to play chords with one finger as well as multiple percussion instruments.
- You can also use the built-in step sequencer of each pad, to easily create a rhythm track.
- The Learn function can be used to easily assign a chord to a pad using the keyboard displayed at the bottom of the screen or using the keyboard of an external MIDI device.
- There are 64 user templates that can be customized and saved.
- Overdubbing enables the blending of various layers of sound in one recording.
- In addition to standard recording, you can also record loops of varying lengths.

The best part is that this pretty thorough app is 50% off, or $3.99 until July 31st 2012. We're talking the price of a drink at the local watering hole - and you don't have to p*ss it back out a few hours later. Certainly something worth considering.


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