Thursday, July 5, 2012

SmashTales Presents BadDudes

Something that I found sitting in the 92BPM FB group via one of the participants, was a comp from a group DJs and producers. SmashTales Presents BadDudes essentially is a free comp from cats who just want to advance it, the music, the art - all for the cause. Enjoy this free comp on their behalf. Thank you SmashTales.


1. FuzzOne aka Dr.Brown - Afterhours (Request Line)
2. 0hbliv - Crystalwave
3. Supa Koopa - SpendTheNotes
4. Haz_Solo - LoveAndLeaveYou
5. Dax Live - Can't See Thru The Fog
6. Esgar - Lets Go
7. Tony Devotion - Wood Grain
8. Changez - M.a.d. M.
9. Uplift - So Many Lies
10. DJ Dstrukt [BEVMO_SJ] - Summer Breezy



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