Friday, July 13, 2012

SertOne: Shapes In The Sky

What is hip hop? In 2012, there has been some debate. Even within the US shores, they have been seemingly warping and redefining what they believe is hip hop, and ironically, getting inspired by UK sounds. With that being said, there's no wonder that producers like SertOne have been getting some buzz. I 1st reported about SertOne, the youngest in charge, some time back after a chance email, and have kept on eye on him since.
He's now releasing Shapes In The Sky from Melted Music, and this will in fact show growth and maturity in sound. This 4 track ep will showcase the deft production that 1st got our attention like in Further Down (From Here to There), but also the daring direction into the world of vocalists and non conformist song structure like in the 7 min Breath (ft. Young Wonder).


Further Down (From Here to There)
They Call
Breath (ft. Young Wonder)

The Shapes In The Sky EP will be available July 16th 2012. You can scoop a copy over at his bandcamp site, and more info over at Melted Music.

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