Friday, July 6, 2012


Cosmic Bridge is quickly building a pristine catalog of masterful material, mirroring this modus operandi that label leader, and incessant laborer Om Unit has established of very rhythmic releases. The label's take on the footwork / juke has been more palatable then some of the more repetitive material many are more familiar with. But as I have said in the past, Cosmic Bridge has been able to find that 80/160 groove that is so smooth and seemingly natural and painless. Added to the release schedule is EAN and his Darknet EP which has been in my hands for a few now.
If you know the CB sound, you know that 808 drum beat is programmed wonderfully, with the occasional sample stabs. Atmospheric segments, melodious sprites break up the tracks as it did in my fave joint and title track Darknet. We're even treated to a remix from the oracle himself, Om Unit.


1. Aulderkincher
2. Burnt
3. Flow
4. Darknet
5. Flow (Om Unit remix)

Ean's Darknet EP will be out July 9th 2012 digitally and in all fine music emporiums.


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