Wednesday, July 4, 2012

DEADbeats Vol. 1

Something I had bookmarked a few weeks ago and just getting back to now. A comp coming from the ppl at Dead Magazine.
A beat comp featuring some lesser known in the game, but as accomplished, inclding Toronto's Vangel, and KRTS of Project Mooncircle. fame.
It's available in physical and digital form for all to enjoy. The digital is offered as a free download, and double vinyl up for grabs with a tee added to the package. Good deal I'd say.


1. Factor - I'm Only Concerned
2. B. Visible - Ghostblaster
3. 2econd Class Citizen - Outside Your Doorway (Dday One Remix)
4. Ender - Forgotten Your Name
5. Anthony Drawn - Far From Home
6. Andreikelos - Deserted
7. Krts - Blame Me
8. J. Baracuz - Favela Phunk
9. David Vangel - 83 In 95
10. Feldermelder - Get Me Some Air
11. Mono:Massive - Walking Dead
12. Deckard - Liberation
13. Naanva - Driftin' On By
14. Brayaz - Vergiftet



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