Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Suff Daddy: Giscar Sob feat. Flat Pocket

One of the 92BPM long time faves, Suff Daddy drops a new one in light of his new one from Melting Pot Music. Suff Sells is out down on both digital and physical. If you're a fan of the classic boom bap, Suff Daddy is that dood. You love the classic hip hop sample chops?? Suff Daddy is that dood. I've always welcomed his music into my collection, and you will too. He just dropped a track for all to enjoy and remind you of the new LP, Suff Sells. Giscar Sob feat. Flat Pocket is out as a free download.


Suff Sells - Tracklist

1. Intro
2. P.G.O.B. feat. Miles Bonny
3. Feelin Allright
4. Drinks
5. Jimmy Smith Interlude
6. Quicc Beat
7. Pattern Select
8. Giscar Sob feat. Flat Pocket (Twit One & Lazy Jones)
9. Ultimate Interlude
10. Dr. Banard
11. Bad Night Out
12. Stein Im Brett feat. Fleur Earth
13. Make It Drip
14. Lovin You
15. K.C. Vodka
16. Dexter Wansel Interlude
17. Det2bln feat. Phat Kat & Elzhi
18. Quick Jazz
19. Suff Disco
20. Take 'em To The Kiosk
21. Elephant
22. Bo Break
23. Gimlet feat. Hulk Hodn
24. Beate
25. Cold Lampin
26. Twisted feat. Vertual Vertigo
27. Dilemma
28. Supersilverhaze
29. Flakey

Suff Sells LP is out now. Enjoy.


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