Monday, June 11, 2012

Om'mas Keith: Girls A Player (Om Unit rmx)

Coming from one of my fave boutique labels, All City, we have another release involving the mighty Om Unit. This time, and a collab with Sa-Ra's Om'mas Keith on the vocals but a remix courtesy of Om Unit. The heralded LA Series which dropped most of 2010 and part of 2011 featured Om'mas Keith as the #0 edition (the 11th of the series of 10"). This new 7" single is essentially a #0 prime. Really, this is not the complicated math - just a great track. But in the interim, here is the fresh animated video directed by Donovan Delaney to launch this fresh remix that is finally seeing light of day. Enjoy.

The Om'mas Keith: Girls A Player (Om Unit rmx) 7" from All City is out in the finest record emporiums, and the digital will drop June 18th.



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