Monday, June 25, 2012

Om Unit: Aeolian EP

It just seemed like yesterday that Om Unit had a release, but that's simply testament to the work that he's been able to do with his own Cosmic Bridge imprint along with essentially staying all around busy. Coming from Civil Music in July will be a new EP form one of the busiest Red Bull Music Academy alums. Once again, Om Unit's mastery and abilities of blurring the lines between 80/160 grooves is evident. The sound that he's spent sometime crafting, shines bright like a Sirius star on this Aeolian EP. Tracks like Ulysses and Slowfast Matrix make it clear he's able to stay in that groove. But collaborative works like Dark Sunrise feature some welcomed vocals, as well as Lightworker's Call featuring friend Kromestar.


1. Ulysses
2. Dark Sunrise (feat. Tamara Blessa)
3. Fumes
4. Lightworker's Call (feat. Kromestar)
5. Slowfast Matrix

This Aeolian EP will be available on Civil Music in July 2012 in all fine music emporiums as well as digital.




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