Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Label Love v4

In what has become periodic instalments, we have a new Label Love compilation to speak of. This 4th volume of the inter label collaboration highlights acts that a handful of of purveyors of fine music want you to know about. Involved in this effort are All City Records, BBE Music, Brownswood Recordings, Daptone Records, Kindred Spirits, Record Breakin’, Tokyo Dawn Records, Tru Thoughts Recordings, Now And Again and Ubiquity Records.

Individually, the labels have their own signature sound to showcase, but collectively on this comp look to create a melting pot, one smooth like minded compilation to allow for more music discovery. All in.


1. Quantic & Alice Russell with The Combo Barbaro - Here Again - (Tru Thoughts Recordings) 04:06
2. Charles Bradley - The World (Is Going Up In Flames) - (Daptone Records) 03:22
3. WITCH - Strange Dream - (Now Again Records) 03:17
4. Jed And Lucia - Spins Against The Wall - (Ubiquity Records) 04:43
5. Vandahl - Head Over Heels feat. Coco (Chamade Beat Rework) - (Tokyo Dawn Records) 03:47
6. Mathias Stubø - Back Into My Life - (BBE Music) 05:19
7. Colonel Red - Rain A Fall (FALQ 1979 Remix) - (Tokyo Dawn Records) 05:28
8. Monophonics - There’s A Riot Going On - (Ubiquity Records) 03:54
9. Onra - Keep On Loving Me - (All City Records) 04:20
10. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - Orisa feat. Dreiser & Sexto Sentido (Alex Patchwork Remix) - (Brownswood Recordings) 04:22
11. Boddhi Satva - Nankoumandjan feat. Mangala Camara - (BBE Music) 07:07
12. Jameszoo - Brudrim - (Kindred Spirits) 04:48
13. Dotmatic - Open (ft. LP aka Lisa Preston) - (Record Breakin') 04:01
14. Gang Colours - On Compton Bay - (Brownswood Recordings) 03:57
15. Belleruche - Wasted Time (Ross PTH Mix) - (Tru Thoughts Recordings) 06:23
16. Knxwledge - Fade - (All City Records) 02:58
17. Colombian Nights - In The Glow (Record Breakin') 03:03

Label Love v4 was released today and is available graciously as a free download. Music discovery. You can still scoop v3 and v2 when you have a hot minute.



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