Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Elusive: ARRAY

Another release posted in the 92bpm FB group. Elusive gave me one of my fave pieces in the last few months recently, and is should be dropping a track on the coming Resonate comp. Either way, we have another release called ARRAY, and we have that same slow flow and that asynchronicity (if I may say) that simply works. Tracks that are barely 90 secs, full of chops, loops and sound efx are what ARRAY is all abuot. Just one of those records that seems to strike a chord chez moi, and hope you enjoy it as well.


1. listen up
2. miso soop feat. josh koslow
3. smoke filled room
4. fo'real dough...
5. tempest
6. painted picture feat. josh koslow
7. lovely gurl
8. finger roll

ARRAY is a free download so enjoy.


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