Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Danny Scrilla: Flash Powder EP

We are coming to the 6th release from Om Unit's Cosmic Bridge Recordings and keeps with the modus operandi, keeping with that sound. The interstellar soundtrack that Han Solo popped in the deck of the Millennium Falcon when he needed to cruise between Galaxies. ;). We now have Danny Scrilla on the buttons for the 6th instalment. His Flash Powder EP will be dropping in July and should keep the buzz about the label that I feel has been very warranted. Tough little detail has been offered about the EP other than title and track list, you can stream a sampler below as we get more news in the coming weeks.


1 X
2 VV Cephei
3 Street Sound
4 Hunch (feat. Om Unit)

More news coming soon...


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