Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cascade Records & Resistant Mindz: Closed Expansion

It's not oft that you see labels collab on a release. I would imagine the paper getting messy but more importantly, the bragging rights. How do you brag about a partner unless she looks like Eva Mendes or my currently unnamed twitter avatar goddess?? Either way, coming from Cascade Records out of France and German Resistant Mindz, we have a compilation Closed Expansion LP. This compilation gather an alliance of cats from France, Germany, Japan and the US. Names like Fitz Ambro$e, RLP, Duktus, Ackryte to name a few. I was unable to get past Fitz Ambrose's lead off banger for the longest time, keeping that on repeat endlessly - but don't make that mistake as the rest of the LP reveals wonderful material just the same. Closed Expansion LP is almost entirely instrumental with what I believe is two actual rap tracks. You can download this sampler below.


1. Fitz Ambro$e - Gamezyokt
2. Duktus - Cause Life
3. Repeat Pattern feat. El Stoof - Paper Animal fire
4. ReedFlavor - Solar Flash
5. 2SkinnyBlkGuys - Blistex
6. RLP - Foncanoids
7. Chris Medleigh - No Antidote
8. AL_PD - Guild
9. Josip Klobucar feat. Front2blaq - Clash of Individualists
10. FantastikClick& Sport G - 3Stars
11. Dyze - Aerial Glow
12. Ichiro_ - Kumori
13. Ackryte - Filmstrip
14. Mr.Beef - Peaceful
15. Broke - Over
16. Dnte - Watching U

Closed Expansion LP is out now on both digital and physical 180 g wax form, and can be scooped from the bandcamp.



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