Friday, June 29, 2012

Ziro: Oni (Om Unit's Wrongspeed)

In something that popped up over in the last day or so, Ziro, UK producer has a release coming mid July. Part of the release includes a Om Unit rmx for a track Oni. Uploaded last night for streaming, Om Unit keeps banging them out at near relentless pace.

Look for this to drop sometime in July on Crazy Legs.



Jeremiah Jae: Money [VIDEO]

In a P4K exclusive, a new clip from the Brainfeeder's Jeremiah Jae for Money. The vid was shot and directed by none other than your man FlyLo himself as he finds himself splitting time more and more b/w being behind the lens and the boards.



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kelpe: Studio Session [VIDEO]

My man Kelpe sent me this video of a performance in his own home studio, The Blankout Agreement. Love these little POV performances - IN FULL STEREO for you iPhone users on the bus/transit. Just make sure you're sitting down. ;)



Low End Theory w/ Marry Anne Hobbs, Eprom, Ages

This was the tweet before Mary Anne Hobbs took the stage last last week in Los Angeles at The Airliner for Low End Theory. With the usual residents, she along w/ Eprom and Ages did that damn thing. Which reminds to get to this Ages email I got... He's a little video recap of the night.


Knxwledge: Karma.Loops.prt4

It's the 2nd release this month of the 4th instalment of his is Karma Loops series. I've said this in the past, but there's something very Madlibian in Knxwledge's volume and pace work. I really think he's got a cool series going on and I believe many others do as well.
Released today in Karma.loops.prt4, 8 tracks of pure Knxwledge at his classic self.



TNGHT Interview (Hudmo and Lunice)

In a RARE camera appearance from Hudmo, we have an interview with TNGHT which is Hudson Mohawke and Lunice, both of Lucky Me. They talk all things TNGHT, from conception, inspiration to wish lists, despite a host more concerned with her weave.

The TNGHT EP is out at in late July on Warp worldwide.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Com Truise: Open

Guess who's got a release to speak of? Com Truise who went on tour a few yrs ago and has seemingly not come off the road is releasing a collection of unreleased material and demos. In Decay is a record which will will feature 13 tracks which were either leaked as betas or were never meant to see light of the sunny summer days - until now.
July 17th, In Decay will make it to shelves and clouds world wide and will feature that ever so classic 80s synth sound Com Truise has championed. Below is the track Open from the said LP.

In Decay comes out July 17th on Ghostly, and will be avail in your finest record emporiums and digitally world wide.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Jazz Presents WORKERS

Been a min since I've touched on these cats. Although very little was provided at this time, but we do know that the venerated Monday Jazz will be releasing a compilation due out July 2nd entitled Workers.
You can stream this clip below to get full idea of the names and sounds to be expected.

Marriage Proposal
Cream Child
Genys & Piotrus Pan

Stay tuned. Soon come. In the meantime, be sure to check Monday Jazz and the wealth of podcasts they have avail.



Bling 47 brings us another fantastic break down of Dilla breaks. This time, lead by the youngest in charge, Black Milk as he speaks on one of THE illest tracks ever, Shake It Down (uh!).


DM1 for iPhone

A little whilst back, I bought a great little drum machine app for this iPad called DM1. I had spent quite a bit of time messing about with it and even writing some riddims to it. I gave it a massive co sign. So it was welcomed news when I came across the DM1 for iPhone being launched, and currently @ the intro price of 99¢. Amazing.

Be warned, you must run the latest iOS, 5.1 to load it. So of you're not going to install in right away on your phone, download it to your computer and or lap top and install it after you've upgraded. I'm upgrading my iOS as we speak.

BTW, just noticed the user guide is also up for download.



Om Unit: Aeolian EP

It just seemed like yesterday that Om Unit had a release, but that's simply testament to the work that he's been able to do with his own Cosmic Bridge imprint along with essentially staying all around busy. Coming from Civil Music in July will be a new EP form one of the busiest Red Bull Music Academy alums. Once again, Om Unit's mastery and abilities of blurring the lines between 80/160 grooves is evident. The sound that he's spent sometime crafting, shines bright like a Sirius star on this Aeolian EP. Tracks like Ulysses and Slowfast Matrix make it clear he's able to stay in that groove. But collaborative works like Dark Sunrise feature some welcomed vocals, as well as Lightworker's Call featuring friend Kromestar.


1. Ulysses
2. Dark Sunrise (feat. Tamara Blessa)
3. Fumes
4. Lightworker's Call (feat. Kromestar)
5. Slowfast Matrix

This Aeolian EP will be available on Civil Music in July 2012 in all fine music emporiums as well as digital.



Dorian Concept Live at RBMA Bass Camp

Been a min since I heard from my man Dorian Concept - the ordained minister of melodies. He's with Ninja Tune, and finds himself lending his skills for bigger shows at festivals with friends along the way. I've also longed the day that we would make it out to Canada for some gigs - as I was able to catch his set a few years back @ Sonar and wow... Either way, I got a little nostalgic watching this set from the Warsaw RBMA Bass Camp earlier this year. Quite a site and of course sounds... Enjoy.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Skullcandy Presents: Onra - So Sure

In a surprising revelation yesterday, found out that Skullcandy was in the game for more than just playing the music in your ears. They got together with Onra and one of his closest buds, Walter Mecca to put out a very limited edition release/pressing coinciding with the Supreme Sound Aviators for a music series.

You can listen to it here and if you're slick enough, call either Democratie or Betinos Record Shop in Paris to get your hands on this prized wax.

You can get more info from Skullcandy here. Enjoy.


Iamyank on Beatsurfing App [VIDEO]

Some weeks past, I spoke on this new app under dev called Beatsurfing. It's now live and has been in use by many around the globe - recently saw your man SertOne on instagram chatting it up.
Either way, Iamyank emailed me this video of him rawking on it, just a few days ago and got to watch it last night.

Things are getting pretty interesting in the production/performance landscape.



Jonwayne: Live At Wrongbar July 19th

This has been in the works for a min as well. In fact, i've been sitting on this announcement for a few. Long story short, I've been discussing this with my peers, and now I hope the whole city of Toronto comes to see what I feel is a great artist during his rise.
All the way for sunny California will be none other than Stones Throw's Jonwayne, Live in Toronto.
Known to I'm sure many, Jonwayne is a bit of a beast on the boards. Unbeknownst to most until recently, he was an accomplished MC before all that beat stuff went down. He had been in talks w/ Stones Throw well through much of last year before they sealed the deal recently.
With that being said Jonwayne will be in Toronto to perform that goodness that Stones Throw feels will be the start of something very special.
To commemorate the night, we will celebrate by having a night chalk full of Stones Throw's classic catalog - all night. A kind of a old meets new, with vintage bangers and a live performance Jonwayne, the heir to the thrown. Along for the ride will be Never Forgive Action's own Numeric and riding shotgun will be my_man_henri.

92 BPM Presents:

Jonwayne (Stones Throw)
w/ Numeric + my_manhenri
Thursday July 19th 2012
Wrongbar 1279 Queen St West
Doors @ 10p
$10 Adv $!5 Door
Facebook RSVP

Online tickets available now, physical tickets Monday June 25th at the following locations:

Moog Audio
442 Queen St W Toronto, ON M5V 2A8
(416) 599-6664

Play De Record
357 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M5B 1S1
(416) 586-0380

572 College Street Toronto, ON M6G 1B3
(416) 537-1620

Rotate This
801 Queen Street West Toronto, ON M6J 1G1
(416) 504-8447

More deets to come.


ANENON: Live June 27th 2012

Been waiting for the right time and place and here we are. Though this will be quick and quite brief, it's my pleasure to announce that Toronto will be blessed with a last min FREE performance from Anenon, head of Non Projects and 2011 graduate of the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy.
Anenon will be in Canada for a western date, but wanted to pass through Toronto just before heading to NYC for another set of shows. Timing could not be best with Jazz Fest upon us.

This exclusive evening of visceral live and improvised electronic music will be capped with a quick conversation with Anenon, né Brian Allen Simon and will feature the electronic improvisation that has caught the eye of many and admiration of many more along with the support of the likes of XLR8R magazine just to name one.
Speaking of, you can listen to his recent Acquiescence EP as well as a recent mix for Dummy mag.

Red Bull 381 Projects Presents:

An exclusive evening of visceral live and improvised electronic music
Wednesday June 27th
381 Projects: 381 Queen St West, Toronto
Facebook RSVP

See you next week.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Label Love v4

In what has become periodic instalments, we have a new Label Love compilation to speak of. This 4th volume of the inter label collaboration highlights acts that a handful of of purveyors of fine music want you to know about. Involved in this effort are All City Records, BBE Music, Brownswood Recordings, Daptone Records, Kindred Spirits, Record Breakin’, Tokyo Dawn Records, Tru Thoughts Recordings, Now And Again and Ubiquity Records.

Individually, the labels have their own signature sound to showcase, but collectively on this comp look to create a melting pot, one smooth like minded compilation to allow for more music discovery. All in.


1. Quantic & Alice Russell with The Combo Barbaro - Here Again - (Tru Thoughts Recordings) 04:06
2. Charles Bradley - The World (Is Going Up In Flames) - (Daptone Records) 03:22
3. WITCH - Strange Dream - (Now Again Records) 03:17
4. Jed And Lucia - Spins Against The Wall - (Ubiquity Records) 04:43
5. Vandahl - Head Over Heels feat. Coco (Chamade Beat Rework) - (Tokyo Dawn Records) 03:47
6. Mathias Stubø - Back Into My Life - (BBE Music) 05:19
7. Colonel Red - Rain A Fall (FALQ 1979 Remix) - (Tokyo Dawn Records) 05:28
8. Monophonics - There’s A Riot Going On - (Ubiquity Records) 03:54
9. Onra - Keep On Loving Me - (All City Records) 04:20
10. Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - Orisa feat. Dreiser & Sexto Sentido (Alex Patchwork Remix) - (Brownswood Recordings) 04:22
11. Boddhi Satva - Nankoumandjan feat. Mangala Camara - (BBE Music) 07:07
12. Jameszoo - Brudrim - (Kindred Spirits) 04:48
13. Dotmatic - Open (ft. LP aka Lisa Preston) - (Record Breakin') 04:01
14. Gang Colours - On Compton Bay - (Brownswood Recordings) 03:57
15. Belleruche - Wasted Time (Ross PTH Mix) - (Tru Thoughts Recordings) 06:23
16. Knxwledge - Fade - (All City Records) 02:58
17. Colombian Nights - In The Glow (Record Breakin') 03:03

Label Love v4 was released today and is available graciously as a free download. Music discovery. You can still scoop v3 and v2 when you have a hot minute.



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Karriem Riggins: Stones Throw Podcast 74

... and the news gets better. Just last week, I was asking Peanut Butter Wolf when he was in Toronto, about the most honourable Karriem Riggins and when the LP was coming. This has been talked about for so long that most prob forgot about it. Not I. A few yrs ago, Stones Throw released the infamous Miami podcast which was but a fraction of what was really played. In fact this little 3 min youtube I shot had bangers that never made this podcast. The word was his set had too many exclusives to release. Le sigh.
Anyhow, just in the inbox was sitting the newest podcast from Stones Throw: Stones Throw Podcast 74 | Karriem Riggins Produced That.
A little something as Stones Throw starts to set up the LP release.

Something tells me this was scheduled to drop some time back. What do you think?? Either way, this is a mix of some of Karriem's work. A fun listen as we await the bangers from ST.

Karriem Riggins Produced That: Stones Throw Podcast 74.



Take It Back - Kweli & Marsha Ambrosius
Walk On By - Karriem Riggins
Soldier - Badu
Step It Off - Dwele'
Pete Rock
E And 1 Equals None - Proof
Uncle Raheim - Consequence
Tainted - Slum Village
Tainted - 50 Cent
Aerodynamic (Remix) - Daft Punk
We B Dem - Slum Village
Music Kaleidoscope - Karriem Riggins
Classic - M.E.D. & Kweli
Jump Up - Kweli
Vip In - Phat Kat
The Clapper - J Dilla
7 - 8 Karriem - Poyser - Hodge
Next Time - Common & Queen Latifah
Hustle - Common
Play Your Cards Right - Common & Bilal
Virgo - Karriem Riggins
Erykah Badu
Fall In Love - Erykah Badu
Love - Karriem Riggins
Actin Normal - Baatin
S.O.U.L - Slum Village
Quills Intro - The Roots
Quills - The Roots
Mona Lisa - Black Thought

As I said in the youtube clip, new name: KARRIEM RIDDIMS. Enjoy and stay tuned.


Waajeed: Beat Tape pt 2

A few weeks back, Waajeed dropped some archived beat tapes for the history buffs and collectors in you. He made mention of another volume dropping, and just as promised it's here.

You not down with Bling 47?? You need to sign up for the exclusive joints... ;)



Tall Black Guy: Tempo Dreams v1

In 2007, I was in Chicago for the Red Bull Big Tune where Black Milk was performing and during the beat battle, met this cat Tall Black Guy who had won the event. Dude had bangers. Ffwd to 2012. Tall Black Guy has been buzzing for some time releasing edits, remixes and his own material for listeners. My man Tensei shot me an email reminding me that he's now curated his own compilation which is out... and features the likes of Buscrates, Monkey Robot, Tenesi, Ta-Ku, Applejac, Doc Illingsworth, Floyd Cheung, Evil Needle, Jeriko Jackson, Teru, Chief and of course himself.

Coming from the Bastard Jazz camp, the compilation is avail on iTunes today. And to spark that, enjoy the download below - Sparkling Adventure




Royalty: Eroica EP

Something that I've been keeping in rotation for quite a few weeks. Chesca had sent the files over for their newest release.
Eroica, the new EP from the Royalty duo that is Yorke Beats and Chesca Ches is on it's way. The title track, Eroica (it should be me) features Kissey (she dropped the Asplund) on this very retro mid tempo cut which in fact brought be right back to high school - no joke. Even more serious is the rmx courtesy of Yorke Beats himself, slowing the tempo right down to a quiet storm ballad, a fantastic edit.

Eroica, the new EP from Royalty should be out early July on digital and will also be available on coloured wax in a limited run of 300 pieces.



Thursday, June 14, 2012

RBMA SonarDome 2012: Live Stream.

In case you did not know, the SonarDome / Red Bull Music Academy tent at Barcelona's Sonar is being broadcast live (as we speak - I caught Exeter this early morning).
All can tune into Red Bull Music Academy Radio to lock into the stream. From your desktop at work or your iPhone/iPod with the RBMA App, you can stream the whole thing. And in case you're looking, here are the times (EST)

Thursday, June 14th (TIMES EST)

6:00 Chico Unicornio (PE)
6:45 Monki Valley (ES)
7:45 Exeter (CA)
8:45 Eltron John (PL)
10:15 Sizarr (DE)
11:00 Yosi Horikawa (JP)
11:45 Doc Daneeka (UK)
13:15 Om Unit (UK)
14:45 DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad (US)

Friday, June 15th (TIMES EST)

6:00 Clip! (ES)
7:00 Esperanza (IT)
8:00 Raisa K (UK)
8:35 Nehuen (ES)
10:00 Nightwave (UK)
11:30 Flying Lotus (US)
12:30 Club Cheval feat. Canblaster, Myd, Panteros 666 & Sam Tiba (FR)
14:00 Nguzunguzu (US)
15:00 Nina Kraviz (RU)

Saturday, June 16th (TIMES EST)

6:00 Radiorifle (CH)
7:30 Santiago Latorre (ES)
8:30 Andrea Balency (MX)
9:15 Salva (US)
10:15 Brenmar (US)
11:45 Jesse Boykins III (US)
12:30 xxxy (UK)
14:00 DJ Harvey (US)

If you're viewing this on the iPhone, you should be able to click on the iCal file abd add it to you calendar to keep track, with a soft reminder going off w/ every change of act as per the schedule.
On your desktop, it will be added to your calendar.

Either way, enjoy.


Computer Jay: Savage Planet Discotheque v1

Good news is when I get an email from Computer Jay. Great news is when he's got some news about music. And great news it was...
What I know I have been patiently waiting for, is finally coming to fruition. Computer Jay, back from a trip to Latin America is back in LA, ready to release new material.
Having chosen to do for self, not only will he be releasing the Savage Planet Discotheque v1 EP, he'll do so on his own label Weird Science. Very fitting for the man who had long ago assembled his own synth and in fact traveled to shows all over the world with it.
Either way, Savage Planet Discotheque v1 EP will be the 1st of 4 volumes to be released in 3 month intervals. July 31st will be the date for the 1st one, and he's leaked the title track as 1st single which features Shafiq Husayn of Sa-Ra fame, and Jimetta Rose. If you know Computer Jay, this single is in full character: a futuristic banger full of interstellar swing, funky nostalgia with a tight drum rack for the fellas and a cordial chorus for the ladies to sing to.


Enjoy the download and stay tuned!


Sunclef: ATTOSECONDS Release Party

Something that has been brewing in my mind for a few and was waiting for the perfect timing for it, and it's here.
Toronto SUNCLEF has released a new ATTOSECONDS EP by way of the good ppl over at Soulection.
Although I do plan to get to the great substance of the EP, I'm here to announce that the release party for the record has been set for June 21st 2012.

Thursday June 21 2012
Wrongbar - 1279 Queen St West
Doors @ 10p. $5 before 12p/Midnight. $10 after.
Facebook RSVP Page.

June 21st, We celebrate the release of ATTOSECONDS, the new EP from SUNCLEF with a LIVE PA set of the EP release including some show exclusives and past gems.
In support for the night will be editor of 92BPM and curator of the night, mymanhenri.
Join us for a night of future beats, progressive cadence, in support of SUNCLEF as he looks to break international ground w/ his new sound and new EP available now on Soulection.

See you next week.


Devonwho: Perfect Strangers Vol. 1

Looks like Devonwho has chosen to settle in San Fran for now after a stint in LA. He recently had is All City release see light of day, and is now about to embark on a tour on the west coast w/ Sonnymoon + Jonti.

He's found the time to release a new EP, Perfect Strangers Vol. 1 via his personal bandcamp. His signature synth heavy sound permeates the entire EP with that goodness that once had him listed as one of Dam Funk's personal faves. You can listen t the whole EP here, and even donwload the lead track over @ XLR8R



Jonwayne Fucks Disney

Something that popped up a few weeks back. In a moment of apparent genius and boredom, SoCal's Jonwayne, Stones Throw's most recent act found himself sampling some disney classics, using nothing but an iPad, a Zoom H2 and a Cali producer staple, the venerable SP404, he created this 8 track EP of chopped Disney sample, all in one sitting the evening of May 28th.

The Little Mermaid.

You can download the whole Jonwayne Fucks Disney EP here, right from Stones Throw, and maybe even play it as a new lullaby. ;)



Wednesday, June 13, 2012



Something that was posted in the FB group, a new one from Russian fire fighter, and part time fire starter on the beats, 813. This Blend EP due out in July from 92 POINTS label from London. No art was fwd'ed as of yet, but this sampler has been posted for all to listen to.
All indications are that we have some burners on hand from 813.
Stay tuned for more info and enjoy in the meantime.


Hyperdub Special: Rinse FM June 12 2012

Last night was the monthly edition of the Hyperdub special on Rinse FM, and both Kode 9 and DVA were in the building. As usual, some newness as well as plenty of jokes were had. There was a yummy mommy Cooly G skype interview in anticipation of her new LP as well as an interview with the Foremen of footwork, the Seigneurs of juke, DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad.
Yes, the mandem were going HAM last night. LOL. You can relive the program here.

Hyperdub Special on Rinse FM June 12 2012




Bleep x Sonar Download Exclusive

Celebrating the arrival of the awesome Sonar festival, Bleep + Sonar collab again to offer you some downloads of some of the featured acts from the 3 day Spanish festival. What we have this time around are the 4 following acts:

We have Brainfeeder's Thundercat and a Lapalux remix, Red Bull Music Academy alums Om Unit and Nightwave, as well as visuals vurtuoso Amon Tobin. All 4 submitted exclusive material for this 24 hr download (yes - that's what I said). You have have just about 1 day to download the tracks. Thursday June 14th is the deadline.

You can download the 4 track Sonar Bleep EP for free here from Bleep.



Tuesday, June 12, 2012

King Britt At Boiler Room

In May 23rd edition of Boiler Room (which I missed) we had King Britt in LDN, who laid out a Fhloston Paradigm kinda set with some classic KB swagger. Anyhow, the set was archived as always and you can scoop it from Boiler Room by subscribing to their podcast. Either way, you can stream the set here and listen to some of the newness he had for all listeners.

King Britt presents Fhloston Paradigm, Live at Boiler Room, May 23 2012.




Leonard Dstroy: ADHD Promo [VIDEO]

My man Leonard Dstroy dropped this one in the 92BPM FB group before hitting me. WTF?? MY MAN! Either way, some of you might recall the ADHD record he dropped a little whilst back. It looks like he's got some ADHD remixes on their way, and to highlight it, he's got s little promo out.

The date for the ADHD is set for June 29th. More deets soon.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Boiler Room LA 003

LA003 by Boiler Room will take place tomorrow at 7pm PST. Featured will be the much talked collab between Teebs and Prefuse 73 (Sons Of The Morning). As well, we have Frosty from Dublab, Free The Robots, Co.fee and PLO.

For those in LA, you can attempt to get on the guest list, but for the rest of the world, we you can watch it all online. All info here

See you tomorrow, and lets' have a drink.



In one of the biggest releases to come through on Warp, we might be faced with a sum that might be greater than it's parts. The long awaited TNGHT project, the collab between Lunice and Hudson Mohawke
now has a release date set. Jun 23/24 2012 will be the dates. After listening a track a few weeks back @ Mutek with Lunice during a RBMA session.... oh boy. Either way, look for this to bang in time for summer, with that masterful club 140 that both Lunice and Hudmo bang out so well. Here's the sampler as it was posted today.

Vinyl Tracklist:

A1. Top Floor
A2. Goooo
A3. Higher Ground
B1. Bugg'n
B2. Easy Easy

TNGHT EP, out June 23ed/24th on Lucky Me/Warp.


Om'mas Keith: Girls A Player (Om Unit rmx)

Coming from one of my fave boutique labels, All City, we have another release involving the mighty Om Unit. This time, and a collab with Sa-Ra's Om'mas Keith on the vocals but a remix courtesy of Om Unit. The heralded LA Series which dropped most of 2010 and part of 2011 featured Om'mas Keith as the #0 edition (the 11th of the series of 10"). This new 7" single is essentially a #0 prime. Really, this is not the complicated math - just a great track. But in the interim, here is the fresh animated video directed by Donovan Delaney to launch this fresh remix that is finally seeing light of day. Enjoy.

The Om'mas Keith: Girls A Player (Om Unit rmx) 7" from All City is out in the finest record emporiums, and the digital will drop June 18th.



Knxwledge: Karma​.​loops​.​prt3

And you know this: Knxwledge got a new one out. More classics from the former Klipm0dian. What can I say that's not been said about him and his music before? More classics.

This Karma​.​loops​.​prt3 is available now on the Knx bandcamp. Enjoy.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Suff Daddy: Pattern Select / Giscar Sob

Just as I talked about Suff Daddy's release Suff Sells yesterday, here's a nice little clip from the LP.

Ha. Suff Sells LP IS out now. ENJOY! ;)


Waajeed Beat Tape pt 1

Waajeed, the man with countless projects, and one who is egregiously overlooked is in current works on a multitude of projects, including a recent partnership with Dirt Teck Reck. In the interim, he's decided to release a beat tape from various remixes and unreleased projects that may have blessed a few of your ears, but have largely been unheard. Of course it's on Bling47. And he's kindly asked MCs to keep bars to themselves - no demos. ;)



Track One. Intro 0.00 - 0.20
Track Two. Fuzzy Watkins 0.21 - 1.28
Track Three. Jump Off 1.22 - 2.39
Track Four. Ahhh 2.40 - 3.44
Track Five. The One 3.45 - 5.19
Track Six. Neutron Dawg 5.20 - 6.23
Track Seven. Get This Doe! 6.24 - 7.58
Track Eight. Shuffler 7.59 - 8.43
Track Nine. Miss Kole 8.44 - 10.11
Track Ten. Quick to Bust 10.12 - 11.46


Cascade Records & Resistant Mindz: Closed Expansion

It's not oft that you see labels collab on a release. I would imagine the paper getting messy but more importantly, the bragging rights. How do you brag about a partner unless she looks like Eva Mendes or my currently unnamed twitter avatar goddess?? Either way, coming from Cascade Records out of France and German Resistant Mindz, we have a compilation Closed Expansion LP. This compilation gather an alliance of cats from France, Germany, Japan and the US. Names like Fitz Ambro$e, RLP, Duktus, Ackryte to name a few. I was unable to get past Fitz Ambrose's lead off banger for the longest time, keeping that on repeat endlessly - but don't make that mistake as the rest of the LP reveals wonderful material just the same. Closed Expansion LP is almost entirely instrumental with what I believe is two actual rap tracks. You can download this sampler below.


1. Fitz Ambro$e - Gamezyokt
2. Duktus - Cause Life
3. Repeat Pattern feat. El Stoof - Paper Animal fire
4. ReedFlavor - Solar Flash
5. 2SkinnyBlkGuys - Blistex
6. RLP - Foncanoids
7. Chris Medleigh - No Antidote
8. AL_PD - Guild
9. Josip Klobucar feat. Front2blaq - Clash of Individualists
10. FantastikClick& Sport G - 3Stars
11. Dyze - Aerial Glow
12. Ichiro_ - Kumori
13. Ackryte - Filmstrip
14. Mr.Beef - Peaceful
15. Broke - Over
16. Dnte - Watching U

Closed Expansion LP is out now on both digital and physical 180 g wax form, and can be scooped from the bandcamp.



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Elusive: ARRAY

Another release posted in the 92bpm FB group. Elusive gave me one of my fave pieces in the last few months recently, and is should be dropping a track on the coming Resonate comp. Either way, we have another release called ARRAY, and we have that same slow flow and that asynchronicity (if I may say) that simply works. Tracks that are barely 90 secs, full of chops, loops and sound efx are what ARRAY is all abuot. Just one of those records that seems to strike a chord chez moi, and hope you enjoy it as well.


1. listen up
2. miso soop feat. josh koslow
3. smoke filled room
4. fo'real dough...
5. tempest
6. painted picture feat. josh koslow
7. lovely gurl
8. finger roll

ARRAY is a free download so enjoy.


Suff Daddy: Giscar Sob feat. Flat Pocket

One of the 92BPM long time faves, Suff Daddy drops a new one in light of his new one from Melting Pot Music. Suff Sells is out down on both digital and physical. If you're a fan of the classic boom bap, Suff Daddy is that dood. You love the classic hip hop sample chops?? Suff Daddy is that dood. I've always welcomed his music into my collection, and you will too. He just dropped a track for all to enjoy and remind you of the new LP, Suff Sells. Giscar Sob feat. Flat Pocket is out as a free download.


Suff Sells - Tracklist

1. Intro
2. P.G.O.B. feat. Miles Bonny
3. Feelin Allright
4. Drinks
5. Jimmy Smith Interlude
6. Quicc Beat
7. Pattern Select
8. Giscar Sob feat. Flat Pocket (Twit One & Lazy Jones)
9. Ultimate Interlude
10. Dr. Banard
11. Bad Night Out
12. Stein Im Brett feat. Fleur Earth
13. Make It Drip
14. Lovin You
15. K.C. Vodka
16. Dexter Wansel Interlude
17. Det2bln feat. Phat Kat & Elzhi
18. Quick Jazz
19. Suff Disco
20. Take 'em To The Kiosk
21. Elephant
22. Bo Break
23. Gimlet feat. Hulk Hodn
24. Beate
25. Cold Lampin
26. Twisted feat. Vertual Vertigo
27. Dilemma
28. Supersilverhaze
29. Flakey

Suff Sells LP is out now. Enjoy.


Danny Scrilla: Flash Powder EP

We are coming to the 6th release from Om Unit's Cosmic Bridge Recordings and keeps with the modus operandi, keeping with that sound. The interstellar soundtrack that Han Solo popped in the deck of the Millennium Falcon when he needed to cruise between Galaxies. ;). We now have Danny Scrilla on the buttons for the 6th instalment. His Flash Powder EP will be dropping in July and should keep the buzz about the label that I feel has been very warranted. Tough little detail has been offered about the EP other than title and track list, you can stream a sampler below as we get more news in the coming weeks.


1 X
2 VV Cephei
3 Street Sound
4 Hunch (feat. Om Unit)

More news coming soon...

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