Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Waajeed: June 1st in Toronto

It's been a long time, but we're greeting dood w/ open arms. Waajeed, legendary producer of Detroit fame, long time dear friend of Dilla will be in town Friday June 1st 2012 with crate full of classics to play for the massive. Shuttling between NY and DET now, you will find Jeed either in the studio, working on the Bling 47 brand and or doing dates through EU.
Though criminally unsung as foundation and a premier Detroit producer, ppl start to forget that he was there from dawn, having seen the near biblical following that Dilla was able to amass. Hell, we met in 2002 when Dilla came to Toronto for the legendary night at Roxy Blu. Man. We've stayed up ever since. A decade. I saw the projects like PPP come together, the production for SV, and the endless streams of remixes that he's been able to release from all corners of the globe, and many languages too. As he said, he's put in that work that has led him where he's at, and I feel like I saw so much of it take place before my eyes. Which is why I'm very excited to announce his return to Toronto for a night of great of great music - along w/ DJ Nana, Taktiks and my_manhenri.


WAAJEED (Bling47, Dirt Tech) LIVE
w/ DJ NANA, Taktiks, myman_henri
Friday June 1st 2012
The Great Hall - 1087 Queen St West
FaceBook RSVP
Tickets are $15 Advance
Available at Play De Record
Purchase on-line

Waajeed has so much music, I don't even know where to start. Then I though... how about a bit of a rarity: In 2005, Triple 5 Soul (shouts to BV) put out an exclusive CD mixed and selected by Waajeed himself. This made it to hands of mostly retailers - many of whom didn't get it. He actually mentioned it in his 2005 Red Bull Music Academy lecture in Seattle. I used to listen to it every day. A rare one, but I just uploaded it for all to enjoy.

T5 Soul Sessions v3: Universal Language

And speaking of the Red Bull Music Academy lecture in Seattle, here it is.


See you cats June 1st.


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