Monday, May 14, 2012

Sweatson Klank: BTS Radio Mix

About 1 week ago, LA's Sweatson Klank dropped a well cut gem. He curated a mix for the venerable BTS Radio, but a special one at that. This mix took me back to the age of wax, promos in the mail, advance copies, all things that are virtually gone from the game. The music was pretty much all golden era hip hop, with a penchant for the wild indie days, that explosion of talent that can only conjure nostalgia. As such, I asked Sweatson Klank to guest post for this mix, saying in his own words what this mix meant to him, and hopefully what I will do for listeners. Enjoy.

This mix was something i had been meaning to do for a long time. Every time I would be looking through my record collection I would see a record and it would remind me...You need to make that mix. So I figured, with my new EP coming what better time to do it and use it as a promotional tool.. Problem is, my record collection is way unorganized. I had to go through every single crate and shelf (quite a few) to find random 12's that were mixed in with other records. Lets just say it took a few days just to pull the records out. Then, I had too many to choose from so i decided there would be at least 2 volumes to this mix.
Anyhow, to speak on the music, these are all songs and artists that really influenced me as a dj and a producer. When i first began producing, I used to work in college radio and believe it or not, these records used to get sent to us as promos every week. Back then, underground hip hop was extremely dependent on college radio support. I still remember feeling like a a kid on christmas day when a box of promos would show up. Excited to get new joints from now forgotten labels like Dolo, Blunt, Nervous, Eastern Conference, Fondle Em, Raw Shack and so many more.
There was a certain something going on in hip hop at that time. Its hard to describe exactly what it was but it was really exciting. I remember just listening to records over and over again, wondering how on earth they made such fresh ass beats. All that turned into fuel for my own drive to become a beat maker. I would go on to experiment in all sorts of directions as i still do today..but it was this era of Hip Hop that shaped me the most and continues to somehow permeate my sound even in the most sublet ways.




Krumb Snatcha - Closer To God
Mic Geronimo - Men vs. Many
OGC - No Fear
Sadat X - Da Interview
Adagio - The Obvious Joint
IG Off & Hazadous - This Ain't Living
Group Home - Up Against The Wall
Dutchmin - Get Your Swerve On
Show & AG - Spit
Lord Finesse - Check Tha Method
LPSD - Back At Ya
Saukrates - Play Dis
L The Headtoucha - Too Complex
Paula Perry - Paula's Jam
Pudgee - Money Don't Make The World Stop (Remix)
Big Noyd - Most Famous
Beatnuts - Radio Promo (Unreleased Instrumental)
Pudgee - Staying Alive
High & Mighty - The Meaning
Kardinal Offishall - Naughty Dread
Shok Therapy - Padlock
Alps Cru - Check Da Status
Royal Flush - Rotten Apple
Smiff & Wessun - Sound Boy Buriell (Remix)
Street Smartz - Metal Thangs
Prince Paul - Wonderful Night

Shouts to Sweatson Klank for taking his time for the post, shouts to BTS Radio.



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