Friday, May 18, 2012

Slugabed: Time Team

Seemed not so long ago that I met Slugabed bka Greg Feldwick online, and he was making waves with early unreleased joints like CLUNK CLUNK, and then even some anthemic 140 riddims. He's since had many legit releases between many different labels. That very drive and sound design got him the look he needed, and resulted in the signing to Ninja Tune. But whilst many now are discovering (or rediscovering) EDM culture worldwide, Slugabed sound on Time Team takes his listeners, new and old to places they need to be though still keeping elements of big beats & patterns that got him the early shine, from ambient arias to boogie influenced riddims like SEX - producing a mix of fun dance floor destined delights, to deep digital and electronic ditties. TBH, I've always liked Slugabed and totally rate Time Team for it's range in tempo and styles, keeping things appealing for all who have followed him in past and are discovering him at this very moment.

Time Team is out now on all forms of playable music and can be scooped at the Ninja Tune shop.


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