Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nouveau Palais: Avant Guarde EP

The Nouveau Palais Avant Guarde EP is out. A sort of Montréal, quasi Québecker reunion. You see, though Lunice, Ango and Prison Guarde have different backgrounds, they all seemingly got their chops up in Montréal during la même époque. The EP's art features the provincial pride and post disco delicacy that is poutine, emblematic of Nouveau Palais's Montréal Roots. And what better way to celebrate the EP by having performance the same week at Montréal's premiere Electronic Festival Mutek. Indeed, this week will be the an exclusive and inaugural performance set to take place on the Red Bull Music Academy's stage at Mutek.
So go download the free Avant Guarde EP from The RBMA website. If you're Montréal bound, get ready for the performance. All info here.




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