Friday, May 25, 2012

Nouveau Palais: Avant Guard EP

The long awaited drop from Nouveau Palais and their Avant Guard EP will make it's drop May 29th 2012 exclusively via Red Bull Music Academy The triumvirate that is the Nouveau Palais (Lunice, Prison Guarde & Ango) was conceived shotly before the 2011 RBMA Tour in Canada and some of the music was also written during the tour itself. This teaser brought back some memories. Either way, the Nouveau Palais premier will take place at Mutek next week and should be quite the event. Being that all three live or lived in Montreal together at once point, the show should be received with open arms.
The EP will also feature remixes by Canblaster, Frite Nite's Salva, Ambalance, Monolithium and more. Enjoy the teaser.


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