Friday, May 11, 2012

Krystal Klear: Mix for Benji B

Been a min since I seen or heard form dude. But he just posted a mix that was commissioned for the man he credits as the one who got things rolling for he and his boogie down sound. Krystal Klear, The 2011 Red Bull Music Academy grad hailing from money making Manchester whipped up a 30 some min mix for Benji B's BBC Radio show, and posted it just a few days past.
Here's the mix and long with the track listing. Enjoy.

Tracklisting :

1.Krystal Klear - Thrash Hand
2.Mariah Carey - Honey
3.Funky Four Plus One - Thats The Joint
4.Krystal Davis - So Smooth
5.Contrast - Foreigner Of Love
6.The Rah Band - Messages From The Stars
7.Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real
8.Black Ivory - Mainline
10.Raydio - Still In The Groove
11.Moon Boots - Off My Mind
12.Krystal Klear - Seshwan Ripper
13.Krystal Klear - Soho Spritz
14.Krystal Klear - Chateau Marmont.


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