Friday, May 18, 2012

Jesse Futerman: Fuse The Witches

Coming from the good ppl at Jus Like Music, is a new 7 track EP from the youngest in charge, Jesse Futerman. Just of cage to enjoy drinks at the very venues he's frequenting, the young phenom from Toronto is just about to drop Fuse The Witches, an EP which sounds well beyond the years on most early 20s cats. Deep elements of soul prevail on this EP, making me wonder if he had had some prenatal experience akin to John Howard Griffin's book, with visions of a Jesse Futerman in shades and a bald head. Cinematic strings fit for scores, horn sections and passionate vocal phrases really paint a picture of smoke clouded clubs, clamorous connoisseurs collecting about sipping cognac from crystalware. But this isn't the early 20th, this is 2012 and his name is Jesse Futerman. As one with attention to detail, the artwork is courtesy of famous Alice Dufay, well known to beat producers and fans on the EU side of town, mastering my good friend Moonstarr.


01. Dawn Wawn
02. Interlude (Mad Love To Pancers Deli)
03. What Have I Got? feat. DJ Alibi
04. 40 Hats For 40 Cats
05. Strange Fruit
06. Lonesome Lover (One For Jack)
07. Yusef feat. Milo of Sibian & Faun

Fuse The Witches will be out June 4th on Jus Like Music. Hot them up for deets.


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