Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Synths vs Primates [VIDEO]

Hilarious. A blog post that I just noticed on the excellent Create Digital Music blog. What do you get when you pair 6 synths with 6 different primates? Anyone recall the infinite monkey theorem? Do you think we could get the complete works of Kraftwerk in this case?

You can read the entirety of the post here.


Nouveau Palais: Avant Guarde EP

The Nouveau Palais Avant Guarde EP is out. A sort of Montréal, quasi Québecker reunion. You see, though Lunice, Ango and Prison Guarde have different backgrounds, they all seemingly got their chops up in Montréal during la même époque. The EP's art features the provincial pride and post disco delicacy that is poutine, emblematic of Nouveau Palais's Montréal Roots. And what better way to celebrate the EP by having performance the same week at Montréal's premiere Electronic Festival Mutek. Indeed, this week will be the an exclusive and inaugural performance set to take place on the Red Bull Music Academy's stage at Mutek.
So go download the free Avant Guarde EP from The RBMA website. If you're Montréal bound, get ready for the performance. All info here.



Monday, May 28, 2012

Nutriot Presents Jay Scarlett

I've said it before and it bears repeating: Jay Scarlett is at the foundation of this sound. He basically influenced the influencers. Just like Dilla was oft the producer's producer, Jay Scarlett quietly helped certain ppl along the way in breaking their sound on the EU side of town, which then propagated through out the world. We could then talk about what Beat Dimension has meant to the scene. Essentially, the ground zero of comps - if you ask me. Who could forget Amp Soul Generation (ASG)... Either way, sister site Nutriot (seriously) has upped a 60 min mix with a very short Q&A w/ Jay. This is a must.


01. Tensei – 100 Ton Press
02. Swindle – Do The jazz
03. Eprom – Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum Remix)
04. Eloq – Fruitsy Collins
05. Débruit – Ata
06. Barrington Levy – Vibes Is Right (Om Unit Edit)
07. Joker & Ginz – Purple City (Danny Scrilla Refix)
08. Dibia$e – Some Act Right
09. Midnight Davis – Haze
10. Dza – Finger Snaps (Shigeto Remix)
11. Eloq – Last Night A Random Girl
12. Herma Puma – Pokerface (Lopez Remix)
13. Houseshoes feat Jimetta Rose – Castles
14. Hazeem – Cosmic Healer
15. Tensei – Passport
16. Kindness – House
17. Ghostface Killah – Mighty Deadly (4di Remix)
18. Om Unit X Daedelus – Vous Etes Stereo
19. SirOj – Natalie Portman
20. Illum Sphere – An Old Escape (Kill Them Kill) (Dabyre Remix)
21. Bee Gees – Love You Inside Out
22. Oh No & Doom – 3 Dollars
23. Just -Ice – Cold Getting Dumb
24. Leo Sunship – Give Me The Sunshine (mini – tro
25. Vessel – Standard
26. Throwing Snow & Py – Wallow (Lapalux Remix)
27. Herma Puma – Jollys (Ariya vs The Ones Edit)
28. The Mahavishnu Orchestra – Power Of Love (Om Unit Edit)

You can also download the mix by hitting the page. ENJOY.


LORN: Ghosst(s) [VIDEO]

Lorn has been siting patiently for his time to drop his long awaited LP on Ninja Tune via Brainfeeder. With the Ask The Dust LP date set for June 18th 2012, we're introduced to an official video to Ghosst(s). This undoubtably cryptic and haunting edit maintains Lorn's penchant for the gloomy and macabre, with slow, surly and Stygian strings as soundtrack to match.

Look for more deets on Lorn's Ask The Dust LP from Ninja Tune.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Nouveau Palais: Avant Guard EP

The long awaited drop from Nouveau Palais and their Avant Guard EP will make it's drop May 29th 2012 exclusively via Red Bull Music Academy The triumvirate that is the Nouveau Palais (Lunice, Prison Guarde & Ango) was conceived shotly before the 2011 RBMA Tour in Canada and some of the music was also written during the tour itself. This teaser brought back some memories. Either way, the Nouveau Palais premier will take place at Mutek next week and should be quite the event. Being that all three live or lived in Montreal together at once point, the show should be received with open arms.
The EP will also feature remixes by Canblaster, Frite Nite's Salva, Ambalance, Monolithium and more. Enjoy the teaser.


Jodeci: Freek n You (TOKiMONSTA Frickinyoo remix)

The Red Bull Music Academy just posted a Jodeci refix courtesy of your girl Tokimonsta.

It's a freebie so go nuts.

Btw, who recalls MODECI??


Sonnymoon: Universal Appeal [VIDEO]

GAWD I LOVE SONNYMOON. They sorta remind of me of a more experimental young Esthero actually... Either way, I saw a tweet from Time Wharp about this video that just went up. A session w/ Sonnymoon and Time Wharp and drums and 6 strings courtesy of P4K.tv and YT.

Do recall that Sonnymmon is on tour next month through the west coast, and got that new self titled LP out.



Thursday, May 24, 2012

Onra North American Tour Dates

Just as the hot new track L.O.V.E. was unveiled yesterday getting just about 1000 plays every hr, Onra embarks on a North American Tour that will take him through key cities before heading off to EU to round off the launch of his Deep In The Night EP from Fool's Gold.

May 24 Beauty Bar (Live), Chicago, IL
May 25 1015 Folsom (Live), San Francisco, CA
May 27 Kava (Live), San Diego, CA
May 30 Low End Theory (Live), Los Angeles, CA
May 31 Dallas Contemporary (Live) ,Dallas, TX
Jun 01 Lola (Live), St Louis, MO
Jun 03 Raindance Festival (Live), Upper Lake, CA
Jun 06 HiFi (Live), Calgary, Canada
Jun 07 Supermarket (Live), TORONTO, Canada Tickets FaceBook RSVP
Jun 08 Underworld (Live), Montreal, Canada
Tues 7/17 – NYC @ Santos Party House
Wed 7/18 – DC @ U Street Music Hall
Sat 8/4 – Maui @ Loft in Space
Fri 8/10 – Vancouver @ Waldorf Hotel
Sat 8/11 – Seattle @ The Crocodile
Sun 8/12 – Portland @ Mississippi Studios

Check your local listings for additional deets or hit Onra's FB fan page.


Calvin Cardioid: Create, Breathe, Analyze

An iteresting teaser from King Deluxe's next release from Toronto's Calvin Cardioid: Create, Breathe, Analyze.

Coming June 4th. More deets coming very soon...


Gossamer x Sir Froderick: Charlie


Something that came down from my man Gossamer. He and Sir Froderick got to a collab just a few weeks back and sent it over. A track called Charlie which is a classic beat banger again with the ingredients familiar to all: drums, and bassline and theatrical elements like a staccato piano and strings. Say wrd.

No word yet on plans for this one, but stay tuned...


Knxwledge: Kameo EP

Not sure what needs to be said that hasn't been already. Prodigious. Beats. Loops. Hip hop. Drums. PERIOD.

Kameo by Knxwledge is out now.



How Green: Jungle Junk / Bag O Trinkets

A nice surprise that popped up in my inbox from the good and patient ppl at British label NeuorPlastic is single from Australian producer How Green. Jungle Junk b/w Bag O Trinkets was released this past week on soundcloud for all to enjoy. In Jungle Junk, we have a classic banger made of that hip hop fabric, kick, snares and a collage of samples redolent of the battle record days. A repeating melodic refrain makes it all stick. How Green follows it up with a softer selection in Bag O Trinkets, with a chorus of dulcet sampled vocals over a smooth and uncomplicated beat. As I mentioned, the single is up for grabs for all fans.



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bob Moog At RBMA 2003

He would have turned 78 today. Sit back and watch Bob Moog's lecture from the 2003 edition of the Red Bull Music Academy. Enjoy.



There was mention of it sometime back, but now the rumours have been made official by Fool's Gold and P4K. The new Onra record Deep In The Night is due June 12th 2012 on Fool's Gold and the 1st single is now streaming. Onra, a 2008 Red Bull Music Academy grad maintains his delicate balance of funk and boogie chops w/ the boom bap that brought him to prominence to give us what will undeniably be another dance floor banger, just in time for summer.

Deep In The Night will be available worldwide June 12th 2012. If you're on Toronto, do recall Onra will be in town June 7th at Supermarket.



Re:ill - Debris SP

Oh man. Just a few days ago, I caught this one in passing in a tweet RT'd by the good ppl over at Japan's Circulations.

Re:ill is was essentially one of the members of the Super Smoky Soul trio of producers who has since gone on to do solo works which he is amassing and going to eventually result in a Tranquilizer LP. In the interim, he has teased us w/ 2 track from a forthcoming Debris EP which will precede the LP. I honestly could not stop playing this EP. Though I was passed the 1st revision of the advance, this is already one to circle in your calendars. Re:ill's strong drum programming prevail on this one so far, choice sound palettes and efx make this Debris EP a futuristic composition to look out for.

Enjoy the track above courtesy of Circulations and Re:ill, and keep your eyes peeled for the official release of Debris EP.


Thank You Bob Moog: Animoog Sale

Today, the Bob Moog observance takes place online with the pouring of well wishes and thanks from fans and musicians alike. We all know he was THE pioneer of the synth and his contribution to music will be indelibly linked to advances in music and sound design.
For his 78th birthday, Google employed a full functional Moog on their splash page, with the ability to record.

And in further commemoration, ANimoog, the world renown iOS app that was developed in 2011 is on sale for both the iPad and the iPhone for $9.99 and 99¢ respectively until May 29th!

Don't walk, run!

Either way, enjoy.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

40Hz Present J:Kenzo May 26th

It's been an amazing weekend, and the perfect start to what is likely to be a great summer. So my man Spyne from 40Hz holla'd about coming aboard for one of their bashments, esp one that will likely have an outdoor component, I was all in.

40Hz Presents:

J:Kenzo (Tempa, Dub Police)
Spyne (40hz Soundsystem)
Saigon (Top Gun, Front Left)
mymanhenri (92bpm)
The Keating Channel Pub - 2 Villiers St
15$ before 11pm, more after
19+ - ID a must
FaceBook RSVP

I personally love opening sets as I can go in tons of places with the sound. Might even record this one as I found my M-Audio recorder. Sick.

See you cats Saturday. Weather calls for a sunny and hot one.



Waajeed: June 1st in Toronto

It's been a long time, but we're greeting dood w/ open arms. Waajeed, legendary producer of Detroit fame, long time dear friend of Dilla will be in town Friday June 1st 2012 with crate full of classics to play for the massive. Shuttling between NY and DET now, you will find Jeed either in the studio, working on the Bling 47 brand and or doing dates through EU.
Though criminally unsung as foundation and a premier Detroit producer, ppl start to forget that he was there from dawn, having seen the near biblical following that Dilla was able to amass. Hell, we met in 2002 when Dilla came to Toronto for the legendary night at Roxy Blu. Man. We've stayed up ever since. A decade. I saw the projects like PPP come together, the production for SV, and the endless streams of remixes that he's been able to release from all corners of the globe, and many languages too. As he said, he's put in that work that has led him where he's at, and I feel like I saw so much of it take place before my eyes. Which is why I'm very excited to announce his return to Toronto for a night of great of great music - along w/ DJ Nana, Taktiks and my_manhenri.


WAAJEED (Bling47, Dirt Tech) LIVE
w/ DJ NANA, Taktiks, myman_henri
Friday June 1st 2012
The Great Hall - 1087 Queen St West
FaceBook RSVP
Tickets are $15 Advance
Available at Play De Record
Purchase on-line

Waajeed has so much music, I don't even know where to start. Then I though... how about a bit of a rarity: In 2005, Triple 5 Soul (shouts to BV) put out an exclusive CD mixed and selected by Waajeed himself. This made it to hands of mostly retailers - many of whom didn't get it. He actually mentioned it in his 2005 Red Bull Music Academy lecture in Seattle. I used to listen to it every day. A rare one, but I just uploaded it for all to enjoy.

T5 Soul Sessions v3: Universal Language

And speaking of the Red Bull Music Academy lecture in Seattle, here it is.


See you cats June 1st.


Kutmah: All Dabrye Mix

I saw this just moments before heading on one of my bike rides just a few days back. An all Dabrye mix by world renown curator Kutmah?? There's no reason to not even take a listen let alone downloading it. In it are many of the classics you knew of, and others you might have just been puzzled about. Ya. That was a Dabrye joint. Either way, shouts to Kutmah for this one. Makes me realize, he and I need to break bread soon. So enjoy this 55 some min mix, as the word is that he's in London this week or soon, and we eagerly await the new record that's being work on as we speak.



Sonnymoon: LP, West Coast Tour [VIDEO]

Today marks the release of the Sonnymoon self titled LP from Plug Research. After a few records over the last few years, and now having a solid tour under their belt, they start a new phase with a full LP and the start of the summer touring season. The sound that has emerged, one that many of us believed in, has finally broken to a loving fanfare, sensual as it is sonorous. Deep vocals, musical elements with welcomed volatility are still front and centre, though still in maturation as they put it in a recent Toronto tour stop during which I recall hearing one of my faves ∞, which featured sitarist Tyler.

Sonnymoon LP Tracklist

1. Wild Rumpus
2. Greatness
3. ∞
4. Kali
5. Watersboiled
6. Flit, Fleet, Float
7. Nothing Thought
8. Universal Appeal
9. Others By
10. Zone 2
11. Every Summer Night
12. Just Before Dawn

You can stream the whole Sonnymoon LP here.

Sonnymoon is also taking on US West Coast (and Vancouver) dates w/ Jonti. They're as follows:

Tour Dates:

June 14th - Portland, OR - Crown Room w/ Knxwledge
June 15th - Seattle, WA - Vermillion w/ Knxwledge
June 16th - Vancouver, BC - The Waldorf Hotel w/ Knxwledge
June 19th - San Francisco, CA - Public Works w/ Devonwho, B.Lewis
June 20th - San Jose, CA - The Pagoda at Fairmont Hotel w/ Devonwho, B.Lewis
June 21st - Fresno, CA - Fulton 55 w/ Devonwho, B.Lewis
June 22nd - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo w/ Mndsgn + Special Guest TBA
June 23rd - San Diego, CA - Kava Lounge w/ Mndsgn



House Shoes: TIME EP

The time is here and now. We've been waiting for this for some time now, the LP release from our man House Shoes. Long time Detroit Decon, having been instrumental in introducing the world to the Detroit sound, giving a then virtually unknown Jay Dee a look allowing him and Slum Village to sell that music that was to create and sound and movement worldwide.
So, after being teased with the odd release here and there (All City + Do-Over), we not only have a release to celebrate today, but the soon to come June 19th 2012 LP.
The TIME EP by House Shoes has dropped today world wide, bringing that raw and authentic hip hop that seems to allude us now (read Lupe Fiasco disaster). Featured are Danny Brown, Big Tone (aka Montana) among the others, giving you a preview of the tracks to be heard on the full LP.
This 8 track EP was programmed like a classic 12", singles, radio edits, instrumentals. By a DJ for the DJs, and for $4.99 on iTunes?? A steal.

Sweet (feat. Danny Brown)

TIME EP Tracklist

Time (feat. Big Tone)
Time (Instrumental)
Sweet (feat. Danny Brown)
Sweet (feat. Danny Brown)
Sweet (Instrumental)
Castles (The Sky Is Ours) [feat. Jimetta Rose]
No More Mr. Nice Guy

You can scoop the TIME EP from House Shoes now on iTunes. GO.
#TORONTO, look out for an announcement for a night.



Friday, May 18, 2012

Jesse Futerman: Fuse The Witches

Coming from the good ppl at Jus Like Music, is a new 7 track EP from the youngest in charge, Jesse Futerman. Just of cage to enjoy drinks at the very venues he's frequenting, the young phenom from Toronto is just about to drop Fuse The Witches, an EP which sounds well beyond the years on most early 20s cats. Deep elements of soul prevail on this EP, making me wonder if he had had some prenatal experience akin to John Howard Griffin's book, with visions of a Jesse Futerman in shades and a bald head. Cinematic strings fit for scores, horn sections and passionate vocal phrases really paint a picture of smoke clouded clubs, clamorous connoisseurs collecting about sipping cognac from crystalware. But this isn't the early 20th, this is 2012 and his name is Jesse Futerman. As one with attention to detail, the artwork is courtesy of famous Alice Dufay, well known to beat producers and fans on the EU side of town, mastering my good friend Moonstarr.


01. Dawn Wawn
02. Interlude (Mad Love To Pancers Deli)
03. What Have I Got? feat. DJ Alibi
04. 40 Hats For 40 Cats
05. Strange Fruit
06. Lonesome Lover (One For Jack)
07. Yusef feat. Milo of Sibian & Faun

Fuse The Witches will be out June 4th on Jus Like Music. Hot them up for deets.


Slugabed: Time Team

Seemed not so long ago that I met Slugabed bka Greg Feldwick online, and he was making waves with early unreleased joints like CLUNK CLUNK, and then even some anthemic 140 riddims. He's since had many legit releases between many different labels. That very drive and sound design got him the look he needed, and resulted in the signing to Ninja Tune. But whilst many now are discovering (or rediscovering) EDM culture worldwide, Slugabed sound on Time Team takes his listeners, new and old to places they need to be though still keeping elements of big beats & patterns that got him the early shine, from ambient arias to boogie influenced riddims like SEX - producing a mix of fun dance floor destined delights, to deep digital and electronic ditties. TBH, I've always liked Slugabed and totally rate Time Team for it's range in tempo and styles, keeping things appealing for all who have followed him in past and are discovering him at this very moment.

Time Team is out now on all forms of playable music and can be scooped at the Ninja Tune shop.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gold Panda: Mountain / Financial District

Been a min since we last heard of Gold Panda. He had just put out his Lucky Shiner LP, moved to Berlin and had gone on a very busy tour schedule wowing onlookers w/ this live MPC x effects processing sets. So it came as no surprise hearing that a new release was ready.
Available on digital this past weak before the physical 7" next month was the Mountain b/w Financial District single.
Mountain was cut from hip hop fabric, drawing inspiration from of all persons Drake, or more specifically his producers 40 and Boi-1da. On the flip, Financial District has a more electronic feel, with it's 120 some bps tempo, though feels deceivingly slower than it really is.
The digital versions are available currently, with the 7" version making it's way to boutiques by June 11th.


Alphabets Heaven: Deartentonine

What might be my fave song from Alphabets Heaven's Boosh EP, is now a fresh video. No better time for this one - blossoming bougainvilleas, bellflowers and beats. You can still scoop the Boosh EP now from King Deluxe. , but enjoy the visuals regardless.


Hit & Run Presents Road Kill v1

Coming from the lovely land of Los Angeles and the sunny SoCal stalwart Hit & Run, is a compilation full of the very names that raised the stock of the fames California ciudad. Hit & Run Presents Road Kill v1 is a compilation from Hit & Run of exclusives, 29 in total. Almost too many to go thru at this point, so the best might be to just click and listen. Aff fuck it:


1. The Gaslamp Killer - Bullet Shells In My Sneakers 00:56
2. Mono/Poly - Crew 02:29
3. Shash'U - Akira 04:35
4. matthewdavid - Funky Yelling 01:46
5. Jeremiah Jae (feat. Isreal and Oliver The 2nd) - ShamWow 03:20
6. Mestizo - Love Me Hard 03:23
7. Mndsgn - Golf Shirt 01:41
8. Computer Jay - The Opposing Turf 03:28
9. N8No Face (feat. Zackey Force Funk) - Fame 01:30
10. The Gaslamp Killer - Road Kill Interlude 00:44
11. Ras G - Coto Loco 03:50
12. Daedelus - If I Fail 02:42
13. J.Rocc - Red Wing 03:30
14. Knxwledge - Need Wun 01:35
15. Seven Davis Jr. - Samurai 02:32
16. Sweatson Klank - Little Time To Fly 03:04
17. Kutmah + Tehbis - Griots 02:48
18. Mr. Feeds - Ride To The Moon 02:24
19. Bei Ru - Bekaa Valley Hash 01:51
20. Zackey Force Funk - Birdz 03:55
21. Kevin D. Mize - Better Late Than 00:22
22. Thavius Beck - Noble Roble 04:02
23. Alter - Calle Primera 01:56
24. Eras - Bangoria 02:45
25. Bobby Evans - Le Witt 02:06
26. Subtitle - 555 + 333 01:14
27. Biff Chitlins - Dulce 02:29
28. Adventure Time - Kick I

We have a mi of LA natives, transplants, Brainfeeder, Stones Throw, Sketchbook, ex Klipm0de and many more. The comp is up now for sale in physical and digital form. Either way, it's on sale for $10. That's just over 30¢/track. DEAL.



Elusive: My Perception x Trill

Something that my man Bdot from Resonate209 put me on to. Someone who's due to appear on the Resonate comp is LA's Elusive. My Perception x Trill EP is straight beats, slow flow bangers, samples, drums - just that classic formula. I found myself playing this one over and over again, and you might do the same. Anyhow, more to come from this cat, and he's got tons out there already. Enjoy this freebie. Scoop it over at his bandcamp.


Flying Lotus: Live At Coachella

For those who were sadly faced with the pulling of the 30 min video of his set at Sao Paolo, here's a quick and solid recap of the Flying Lotus set at the Coachella stage. Pretty wild if I must say myself. ARGH. We hope he'll be back in Toronto soon. ;)



Cosmopolyphonic Radio: Dza Guest Mix #29

Another one....

Here to celebrate the release of his Surrender EP, The Russian regisseur Dza took time to put together a Cosmopolyphonic Guest Mix, for their 29th edition. Step into the world of this Red Bull Music Academy grad, as he takes you from his material to some of his personal faves from across his friends and associates. You can stream it and download it for your personal consumption. But of course, you should simply subscribe to the podcast for free.



01. dza - banshee - ( unreleased )
02. dza - run! - ( unreleased )
03. dza - fancy loop - ( unreleased )
04. mr.oizo - (EE) - ( brainfeeder )
05. hud mo - sequon loop - ( unreleased )
06. dza x montgomery clunk - vanillaface - ( error broadcast )
07. montgomery clunk - muvies - ( error broadcast )
08. dza - perky - ( unreleased )
09. dza - chasing you - ( how2make )
10. dza - surrender (mujuice remix) - ( how2make )
11. st.andrew - sookie (emufucka remix) - ( unreleased )
12. ol - tak budet vsegda- ( unreleased )
13. damscray - real street stalkah - ( lowriders collective )
14. emufucka - path to otherwhere - ( unreleased )
15. nvg - be rain singing - ( unreleased )



Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sonar São Paulo: Flying Lotus LIVE

Something that I must credit to my man Nutriot, I was about to walk out the house when he tweeted this one. Totally forgot that this had gone down being this was Mom's day and all. During Sonar SP, new music was played by Flying Lotus all through the set: From the new LP, to new Flyamsam and of course, classics. As usual, beautifully recording of the stage at the festival, it was archived in full HD. Enjoy.


Daedelus: Live At Dublab 05 14 2012

Just a few days removed from being in Toronto, I get to watch the genius of Daedelus once more. His manipulation of riddims has been something of amazement to me all the time, and have always had a pleasure watching and listening to his live sets. Such animation, such control over sound, and wait until Archimedes hits the road (due in Calgary soon actually). Either way, it's Proton drive and just as Teebs & Yuk did a few days back, Daedelus had lent his help in raising some funds for fun at Dublab. Below, you can relive it in site and sound.



Kings: Endless Fog EP

In a release that drops today, we have the 10th release from Soulection. Endless Fog EP comes from the 21 yr old Kings, UK based producer who found inspiration in the british rhythm of the 140, the southern hip hop swing and sound of one of his fave artists: Silkie. In it, you will hear the sharp hi hats that have become the new barometer of bounce and merry melodies to please OGs and party cats alike.


1. Trap Musik 1
2. Galaxy Wave
3. Endless Fog
4. Big Star Little Star
5. Let Go of the Pain

You can scoop the Endless Fog EP today over at the Soulection bandcamp.



Monday, May 14, 2012

Sweatson Klank: BTS Radio Mix

About 1 week ago, LA's Sweatson Klank dropped a well cut gem. He curated a mix for the venerable BTS Radio, but a special one at that. This mix took me back to the age of wax, promos in the mail, advance copies, all things that are virtually gone from the game. The music was pretty much all golden era hip hop, with a penchant for the wild indie days, that explosion of talent that can only conjure nostalgia. As such, I asked Sweatson Klank to guest post for this mix, saying in his own words what this mix meant to him, and hopefully what I will do for listeners. Enjoy.

This mix was something i had been meaning to do for a long time. Every time I would be looking through my record collection I would see a record and it would remind me...You need to make that mix. So I figured, with my new EP coming what better time to do it and use it as a promotional tool.. Problem is, my record collection is way unorganized. I had to go through every single crate and shelf (quite a few) to find random 12's that were mixed in with other records. Lets just say it took a few days just to pull the records out. Then, I had too many to choose from so i decided there would be at least 2 volumes to this mix.
Anyhow, to speak on the music, these are all songs and artists that really influenced me as a dj and a producer. When i first began producing, I used to work in college radio and believe it or not, these records used to get sent to us as promos every week. Back then, underground hip hop was extremely dependent on college radio support. I still remember feeling like a a kid on christmas day when a box of promos would show up. Excited to get new joints from now forgotten labels like Dolo, Blunt, Nervous, Eastern Conference, Fondle Em, Raw Shack and so many more.
There was a certain something going on in hip hop at that time. Its hard to describe exactly what it was but it was really exciting. I remember just listening to records over and over again, wondering how on earth they made such fresh ass beats. All that turned into fuel for my own drive to become a beat maker. I would go on to experiment in all sorts of directions as i still do today..but it was this era of Hip Hop that shaped me the most and continues to somehow permeate my sound even in the most sublet ways.




Krumb Snatcha - Closer To God
Mic Geronimo - Men vs. Many
OGC - No Fear
Sadat X - Da Interview
Adagio - The Obvious Joint
IG Off & Hazadous - This Ain't Living
Group Home - Up Against The Wall
Dutchmin - Get Your Swerve On
Show & AG - Spit
Lord Finesse - Check Tha Method
LPSD - Back At Ya
Saukrates - Play Dis
L The Headtoucha - Too Complex
Paula Perry - Paula's Jam
Pudgee - Money Don't Make The World Stop (Remix)
Big Noyd - Most Famous
Beatnuts - Radio Promo (Unreleased Instrumental)
Pudgee - Staying Alive
High & Mighty - The Meaning
Kardinal Offishall - Naughty Dread
Shok Therapy - Padlock
Alps Cru - Check Da Status
Royal Flush - Rotten Apple
Smiff & Wessun - Sound Boy Buriell (Remix)
Street Smartz - Metal Thangs
Prince Paul - Wonderful Night

Shouts to Sweatson Klank for taking his time for the post, shouts to BTS Radio.



Jay 5ive & Kromestar: Backwoods b/w Deepest Fears

A tune so nice, that I posted about it twice before and today will make it thrice. Though G Double, Jay 5ive and the Anti Social show are no longer on Rince FM, and many of us remain disconsolate and despondent from the fact, the spirit of the show will certainly live on through this release. I can still hear them chatting over the riddims. Either way, the day has finally arrived, and no better news delivered than by an early morning text reply after I asked:

Backwoods dropped TODAY and I would recommend in no uncertain terms, that you scoop this riddim that has enchanted the airwaves for so long now. I just scooped my copy, pon de spot!




Koen: 289

Yesterday, The Dutch dynamo Koen posted a blast from the past, the very track that wigs flipping 4 yrs ago, the one that introduced me to the young lad, 289. For those of you who had never heard it, enjoy - as this is a classic indeed.

Do recall that Koen has a new LP out on Soulection.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Kone: In the Wind

The debut single from the new Kone EP is here. In the Wind will lead the charge for his Legend Days EP due out May 22 2012. I have this love love thing for guitars, and I love that Kone is known to sample the strings from time to time. Either way, affinity aside, In the Wind is a slow ballad, lead by a strumming guitar and what sounds like a horn section, creating the morose and near mournful melody with the crisp kicks and snare steering the whole opus. And kudos to the artwork.

Enjoy this lead courtesy of Kone and the good ppl over at Alpha Pup.


Dublab: Teebs & Yuk at Proton Drive

During Dublab's proton drive, they will for 2 weeks have a succession of special guests come through and do live sets, encourage listeners to donate to the worthy cause that is Dublab.com. Yesterday, My Hollow Drums' own Teebs and Yuk showed up for a set at the famed station. All 2hrs were archived in sound and vision.

Enjoy and donate.


Krystal Klear: Mix for Benji B

Been a min since I seen or heard form dude. But he just posted a mix that was commissioned for the man he credits as the one who got things rolling for he and his boogie down sound. Krystal Klear, The 2011 Red Bull Music Academy grad hailing from money making Manchester whipped up a 30 some min mix for Benji B's BBC Radio show, and posted it just a few days past.
Here's the mix and long with the track listing. Enjoy.

Tracklisting :

1.Krystal Klear - Thrash Hand
2.Mariah Carey - Honey
3.Funky Four Plus One - Thats The Joint
4.Krystal Davis - So Smooth
5.Contrast - Foreigner Of Love
6.The Rah Band - Messages From The Stars
7.Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real
8.Black Ivory - Mainline
10.Raydio - Still In The Groove
11.Moon Boots - Off My Mind
12.Krystal Klear - Seshwan Ripper
13.Krystal Klear - Soho Spritz
14.Krystal Klear - Chateau Marmont.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Uncle Imani: What should i..think of u

You don't say? Popped in my inbox was an email from Uncle Imani of Pharcyde fame, as he has a new LP dropping: PROBLACCMAJIK. This single which features PREFYX was produced by our man Computer Jay (who in fact used to tour with them in the day). No doubt. Enjoy this freebie, courtesy of Uncle Imani, for Pharcyde followers, open minded listeners and hip-hop lifestylers.



Posted a few hours ago is what is likely to be considered the official single of the collab known to many as TNGHT (???): Hudson Mohawke x Lunice. The two Red Bull Music Academy grads have combined to create something that might just be bigger than the sum of the two parts. Add the Lucky Me and Warp coming together 50/50 on this collab and we might be up for the wildest party known to man (I see you Joe!). Either way, stay tuned for more, and mark July 23rd into your iCal, as this summer might get a little sloppy.



AstroLogical: Thick Soul

Right from the Left Coast, comes a piece from AstroLogical and the good ppl over at Jellyfish Recordings. Prepping for an LP which might be (tentatively?) called the Mist Calls, he's offered a freebie from this soon to come LP. Thick Soul is very much just that: smooth, soulful, strumming strings and thick kicks. Def something to lay your head back to.

Thick Soul




Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hyperdub Special On Rinse May 8 2012

Last night was the monthly instalment on the Hyperdub special with Scratcha DVA, and this time he brought along a certain sistren like Ikonika for the duration of the show. As usual, jokes - including the usual DVA chopping Ikonika's mom (???), and of course some brand new Hyperdub material was featured as well as a quick interview w/ drop in guests LV

Hyperdub Special on Rinse FM: May 8th 2012




DZA: Surrender (Mujuice Remix)

Leading to his Surrender EP, Dza has posted a stream of the other remix available for pre order from his own label. Surrender (Mujuice Remix) is due for May 14th drop, in all it's synth-esis and uptempo club appeal, in contrast to the Shigeto remix posted Surrender EP days before.

You can scoop a pre-order this and his Surrender EP over at the How2make site.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bjork: Virus (Hudson Mohawke Peaches and Guacamol Rework)

Some of us might recall that above tweet. You might even recall the one below:

Hudson Mohawke's mastery if the melodramatic is nothing short of brilliant here, as his remix is the 3rd of the octet of remixes. Hit Bjork up for more deets, and it's out now

Virus (Hudson Mohawke Peaches and Guacamol Rework)


Ta-ku: Dusty v2


I'd like to know if Ta-Ku gets ANY sleep. Much like a few ppl around this ecosystem, his output is almost 2nd to none. SERIOUSLY. Though this May release in the 2nd of his Dusty series, a set of cutting room floor tracks, we're still treating to a 16 track LP that many would likely be proud to drop. Sampling in the rawest form - classic hip hop by definition. Something to take in fer sure. Enjoy Dusty v2, courtesy of a young Ta-Ku.


Devonwho: Grades [exclusive]

Coming from the marvellous Resonate monthly tucked away in Stockton CA, is a compilation that 1st made it's appearance in the fall of 2011 as Aural Stimuli v1.
Set for a tentative May release is the Aural Stimuli v2 which will feature more on the like minded and the guests that have graced the stage rocking the Resonate monthly, held down by Bdot and crew. Among the star studded lineup is Devonwho who has delivered another banger in a way he does so well. Have an exclusive listen to the track called Grades, soon coming on Aural Stimuli v2.

Devonwho: Grades

More deets coming soon.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Dibia$e: Looney Goons + Tour Dates

Dibiase, the man who has sent possibly the most able bodied men in search of a masseuse or even a chiropractor for their neck with every release, has a new LP, Loony Goons. This 15 track LP features Dibiase at his finest, proving once again he's with no doubt one of the elites in this "beat sh*t". In support of the new LP in stores now via Fat Beats, Dibiase has also embarked on a Loony Goons tour supporting the LP, with a tour promo sampler as well which features tracks from the LP as well as exclusive and unreleased joints.

1. It's Like That
2. Deal Wit It [unreleased]
3. Catchin Fades
4. Galaga Beams [unreleased]
5. Donkey Kicks
6. Which Muthaf@#ka [unreleased]
7. OMG!!!

The tour has begun and the dates are as follows:

5/11 Sacramento // Sol Collective Gallery [with Elaquent and Sunclef]

5/12 Stockton // Resonate [with Elaquent, Sunclef and Residents]

5/16 Austin // Applied Pressure [with Residents]
more information TBA

5/18 New Orleans // Headset [with Residents]
more information TBA

5/24 Fresno // Audies Olympic [with Knxwledge and Quelle Chris]
more information TBA

5/25 San Diego // Soul Flexin [with Residents]
more information TBA

5/26 Denver // Recreation [with Jonwayne and Knxwledge]

Check your local listings for more info and cop that Loony Goons LP/CD from Fat Beats.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gossamer: Gossamer EP

Something coming from Melt LA, and posted in the 92 BPM Facebook group, is the self titled EP from Gossamer. Dark, starless with sedate swing, this 4 tracker is deliberately unhurried, broken up with moments big bass and beat breaks.

The Gossamer EP is available now, as a name your price.



Sonnymoon: Machinery (Fhloston Paradigm remix)

It went something like this: King Britt heard Sonnymoon's music and was instantly enamoured. So when then opportunity presented it self to get some remix work, Sonnymoon was equally pleased to have King's Britt's alter Fhloston Paradigm put together a re edited aria of the analog variety, vivacious and full of vim and vigor. Using a some of his fave vintage instruments, the Fhloston Paradigm edit ups the tempo, kicks and claps create the cadence, complimenting the sparse vocals. The original appeared in the 2012 EP which is stores now, and this is avail for free. Not for the bashful of bandwidth - it's a WAV. ;)




Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pazes: Limbo EP

Brazilian experimental beat writer Pazes just released a few days past the teaser to a great EP he's offered as a free download. Limbo is a 6 track EP of that nebulous and experimental, that somehow remains anchored to sea level with a 4/4 beat that will keep you swaying left to right. Reverberating snares, snaps, effects and pulsating kicks will summon the most agreeable of apparitions. Certainly of the more tranquil end of the spectrum of records, and well and welcomed at that.

You can download this EP free of charge on his bandcamp page.



DZA: New EP + Shigeto remix

Been a min since I spoke to or peeped Red Bull Music Academy Grad and all around Russian OG Dza (Sasha Kholenko). But he's got a new EP coming from his shared venture How2Make, the russian label he co owns with DJ Escape. His new Surrender EP is due soon, and will be taking pre-orders shortly. It will also feature remixes form MuJuice and Shigeto, one of which was posted for streaming moments ago.

Stay tuned for official release dates by checking How2Make.



Sunclef: Pyramid Funk

Leading to his long awaited Attosecond EP release coming from Sunclef and Soulection. The Toronto taxpayer is currently doing dates w/ Elaquent on a post and pre release tour through the great state of California. Either way, enjoy this one as he leads off the campaign for this Attosecond EP due June 1st 2012 on Soulection.



Friday, May 4, 2012

Daedelus: May 11th, Toronto @ Wrongbar

The most distinguished of doyens of digital will be in Toronto 1 week from today, at Wrongbar for a night that's sure to be fascinating. In his last 3 shows, Daedelus has wowed the crowd with sets that have warped all preconceived concepts of what a set should sound like. If you've not seen this in the past, this is a absolute must. If you have, this is an absolute must. Feel me??

Daedelus, live in Toronto. Galapagos 022.
w. mymanhenri + Patterson/Brooks
Friday May 11th 2012
Wrongbar - 1279 Queen St West
Facebook RSVP.

Adv tickets are avail @ Rotate This + Soundscapes and Online.


Kutmah: Boiler Room Set

In part to celebrate the release of this World Wide Family v2 LP, world famous Kutmah made an appearance at Boiler Room for a set of that style that was the foundation of Sketchbook back in LA, and that the UK/EU fans have now adopted with opsn arms. Enjoy all 63 mins of it.

Kutmah: Boiler Room Set


Don't forget that World Wide Family v2 is in stores now.



Jonwayne: Boiler Room LA002 [VIDEO]

Released yesterday was another bit of the Boiler Room LA002 that took place some weeks back. This time was a set from the Alpha Pup, newly signed Stones Throw artist, Jonwayne's, he and his trusty 404. Hosted in part by your man Gaslamp Killer, we're treated to a 20 min set.

Look for the download soon. Either way, make sure you subscribe to their iTunes feed.



Buillion: Love Me Oh Please Love Me

Wow. The seeming tranquil Bullion has chirped out this morning. He's got a new Love Me Oh Please Love Me EP coming, dropping in a few days. Take a listen.

Love Me Oh Please Love Me EP drops May 7th 2012.

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