Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweatson Klank: Elevate Me


We have not only something officially announced from Sweatson Klank, but we have a date to circle in the calendar. This Elevate Me EP will be his newest release since a hot min, with new riddims and new attitudes. He and I have spoken in past about the new sophisticated 140 tempo, and the maturing of the club sound. Without getting into too many details which I'll save for a longer piece, I'll let you know that this Elevate Me EP will be a must + you should make time for the supporting tour as it comes to your town...



1.Always You 03:55
3.I Can't Explain
4.My Love Is Here
5.In Between

You can download the sampler above. Elevate Me EP will be out May 4th 2012 on Project Mooncircle. Stay tuned.


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