Monday, April 23, 2012

Rinse FM: Kode9 w Flying Lotus 2007


I love these old finds. I was just meandering yesterday, waiting to head out to see Knxwledge in Toronto, then saw a tweet from Sert One posting this older mix. Better yet, I love getting insight in ppl's inspirations, and Sert One put it out there after reposting this mix.

I've heard accounts of when Kode9 talks about meeting a young Flying Lotus at the Red Bull Music Academy in 2006 in Melbourne and becoming friends there after. Kinda fun when you sit back and think of what all came afterwards. Either way, this is much more than a nostalgic listen to some as Sert One will attest, but enjoy it either way.

Kode9 w/ Flying Lotus - Rinse FM 2007.


Shouts Sert One.



  1. Kode9 is pure inspiration to me. I just started making my own music (with Dr Drum ) and his stuff is always in the back of my mind when i work. I hope to reach his level some day :D


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