Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mamiko Motto

First met MamikO Motto in Spain during Sonar sometime in either 08 or 09. At the time, we all shared a spot near by with the Lucky Me family for the festival - shout outs to Radna! It was a blast. But we certainly kept in touch as I recall seeing her tinkering w/ Ableton, and she was running her long time running Hepcat Radio show which is currently part of the NTS Live schedule. Though she had spent much of this time DJing, the Lithuanian born MamikO Motto had also just recently picked up a gig with the A&R dept of famed Kindred Spirits, in Holland and was responsible for intoriducing them to emerging acts like Dorian Concept, The Blessings as well as Mweslee. All the whilst, she kept tinkering w/ production which eventually led to a collaboration credit w/ Hudson Mohawke on the Warp 20 comp - as Wednesday Nite.
I caught up w/ MamikO Motto somewhere in cyberspace to rap real quick...

You seemingly have spent much time as a radio show host and a DJ then producer. Was that by design?? Which do you like more, writing or hosting??

No, I only recently started working on production side of things. I was always a music lover first. My probably favorite part is just going to clubs listening to great performances , going to secondhand shops discovering old music and then finding a balance of bringing the different generations together. I always tried to do it during my radio shows and my dj sets. Now I try to connect the dots in my produced tracks. I have to be honest, I like colaborating more than working alone. I tend to never finish my tracks otherwise.

Looks like your beginnings were not in music composition. When did you decide to start writing music during your career and did someone influence your decision??

I've done some bits and bobs under the Wednesday Nite name & some others too but it was mainly being featured on some peoples' albums or their tracks. To start producing was a natural evolulion. I have very high standards and am barely ever happy with my stuff, but I am very curious and want to try out my abilities. As for inspiration it's just in general creativity drives me mad, keeps me awake at night & makes me do things I can't put it in words sometimes.

Do you feel that your start in music as a user/dj and less producer has given you any kind of advantage when approaching production?

MMM...I don't know. My dj experience has shaped some sort of style I guess, but to be honest, through my life I came across so much music of so many genres that I don't even know which one I should be standing for. I would say whatever you got any knowledge or not the best thing is to have a feeling. A feeling of what works for you. If haven't got that, you're in trouble.

Do you have any formal music training ?

No. I only went to vocal classes for about 5years, but then I muted myself for a long time. Back to singing now and really enjoying recording songs.

You have a collaboration w/ Hudmo as Wednesday Nite. How did that come about and when do you plan to release any more material?

It was all very natural really. I was hanging out a lot with Hudmo at the time. We played a lot of shows together & used to spend hours and hours of showing music we liked to each other. Warp was doing 20th anniversary special album, called Recreated, where all Warp artists remix each other. Ross has invited me to do a track together and had chosen Jimi Tenor " Paint The stars ". We did it overnight in Glasgow just before going to Australia on tour. Everyone at Warp seemed to love it & it got onto Warp 20th anniversary limited edition Boxet, which is quite amazing when I think about it now.

As for new material. I would love to record an album with Hudson Mohawke. We've been talking about it, though in the past. But we both are so busy with other projects at the moment, so I am not really sure if or when it will happen. Maybe it will come out in 2020 haha...which is not a bad thing, as I think this album would be just too mental for anyone to understand in 2012.
As for my solo stuff. There will be few features on other producers albums and my solo EP by the end of 2012. Promise Promise.

Do you think there needs to be more ladies producing or is that of any concern to you at all??

I always will support good artists.Nomatter if theyre men, women or seals.There is everything out there in the world for you to be taken.All you have to do is push yourself a little harder.
I think there are a LOT of great female artists around & I don't neccesserry feel there is a lack of them, maybe the other way around.There needs to be more people knowing that theyre here.:)

As we await more music or collaborations from MamikO Motto (best name in the game btw - she's got Japanese heritage), ytou can catch her on NTS Live on Wednesday nights (coincidence?), London time. Check the schedule for times.


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