Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kromestar: Parallel Sounds VIPs

This is some of the best news! So, I would listen to Anti Social on Rinse FM, and they would play these rediculous dubs from Kromestar, and they would have these promos so far in advance it drove me just BATTY. So when, a few days ago, I opened my in box to find these WAVs, I had to jump for joy.
Introducing, from Om Unit's Cosmic Bridge Records, the Kromestar: Parallel Sounds VIP 12". A new take on the Parallel Sounds EP which dropped some time back, this 2 track 12" will feature 2 tracks - Outer Limit and Don't Make Sense, the one that use to get tons of run on Anti Social with that deep synth bass line. Amazing.
Due out April 16th, this 12" will be digital only. So make sure to check out Cosmic Bridge Records for updates.


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