Friday, April 6, 2012

Figure iPhone App

I made mention of this a few weeks back and it dropped about 48 hrs ago.
Figure, which is Propellerhead's entry into the iOS app game has made it's official debut and it's a fun play.

Many of the sound engines were based on their flagship Reason engines ported for the iPhone, and it's a pretty easy play. Drums, bass, lead and you have also add some tweaks via 3 filters, a mini mixer, and also have the ability of real time changes and more tweaks like swing wtc.... Again, much of this is meant to be playful and as Propellerhead's originally put it, to compose on the bus. No doubt.

The iPhone is a the quasi ubiquitous device and I know I've been having tons of fun with mine - and have been blown away by the apps that have made their way to the app store. And Figure is just another of the fun ones that will allow you moments of creativity on those long rides from Kipling to Kennedy, Upminster to Ealing Broadway, 145th to Howard Beach or a drive from LA to The Bay with friends. Either way, when's the last time you had hrs of fun after spending 99¢? In fact, I just noticed this is a universal app. Wow. Sorry. (I was fooled by a bunch testing vids)
Figure is available now in the App Store.




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