Friday, April 6, 2012

Easybeat 2 App: Updated - Now Universal

Yes, I've been tinkering w/ apps. They're so fun. And for clarity, I usually pick them up when they go on sale. And here's one more I grabbed yesterday and have been playing on the iPad, though it's a universal app.
Easybeat 2 was recently ported and updated as a universal app, and to celebrate they've put the app on sale for $1.99.

Though I'm walking it through so simple testing, Easybeat 2 is being sold as a pro drum machine for iOS. Seems pretty powerful so far. Though you don't have kits from what I can see, you have the opp to import your own samples though I don't know if there's a time limit. But you have some pretty interesting features - most of which are covered and outlined in this little promo video.

I'll allow you to imagine the possibilities but again, for $1.99?? And this is a Universal app btw, so this will run on both the iPhone and iPad. Love this app, but I hate the name. Meh. Can't win em all. Bus rides will never be the same. Easybeat 2 is on Easter sale now - so act quickly.


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