Monday, April 16, 2012

Chesca Ches

I spoke on Chesca Ches a hot min ago, after a brilliant mix she had on Alexander Nut's show on Rinse FM as I used to hear him shout out Royalty, Chesca Ches and Yorke Beats. I had no idea who they were until we had contact some time afterwards. But I did get to hear much of her work on production w/ her partner Yorke Beats as the outfit Royalty. An impressive duo (or is that trio?) putting out some fantastic future funk riddims full of club tempos, and the 2 EPs they currently have out.
So when I was thinking through this ladies profile, it was only right that I reached out to her about her experiences with the music, stiffing ROy Ayers, the life of a mother on the road, and having a partner equally as busy in this eco sound system.

When did you start to decide to write music? Were you inspired by anyone in particular?

I was DJing when I was in university, but never thought I would be able to "make" music until someone suggested I'd download Cool Edit Pro. I got it and I made my first beat in like 20 minutes..came really natural for me and I was shocked about how easy it was. I won the Italy Diesel Music Contest like 6 months after downloading the program..and I was rather embarrassed when they asked me to perform on the same stage as Roy Ayers at the awards, cause it was literally the 5th or 6th beat I had ever made. I didnt show up at the ceremony in the end, instead I had flown to LA to pursue my new dream career.

Were you always into this new boogie ? Were there boogie / funk producers you cherished that got you into it?

I was always very much "funk" oriented. Grew up to hip hop, funk and soul. It was very natural for me to eventually get into Disco and Boogie, and House later on. I first got into this "new boogie" scene when I first went to LA and was kicking it with who I think were the best people doing it back then.

Are all your songs collabs w/ Yorke Beats or do you write and then pool the work together?

We both do solo stuff, and we collaborate on some stuff that eventually becomes Royalty songs. Most of the times I do drums/bass or use samples...he's the good keyboard player and engineer between us.

Walk us through a typical writing session. Does the bassline come 1st or the beat/drum??

I most likely start with drums to get the groove...then maybe find a melody..bass comes either first or last....

Be it that you certainly write music with a flair for a time past, are your also working with vintage equipment? if so, which pieces ? Which do you cherish most? What do you compose on generally?

Having a big vintage music equipment collection was something me and Yorke been dreaming on since we first met. We've rather expanded our synth dream now...we have a lot of analog gear. My Juno 60 is the one I love and use the most as its the first one I ever bough back when I was living with my mom in Italy maaany years ago. The guy I bought it from off ebay shipped it with a box of chocolates inside.

Tell us if you may, how you find balancing the wonders of motherhood and working in this capacity as a producer?

I think producing is like any other sort of creative "work from home " jobs, many women do that and its better than travelling to an office every day and seeing your kid only an hour every day before he goes to bed. Its hard to concentrate when he's around but its also beautiful when he's there while a song is being created. The real tricky part is the travelling that's involved in this "job". Sometimes I take him with me on tour, but a lot of times I have to leave him in London cause schedules get too hectic for him..I look forward to the day we can afford a big amazing family tour bus and we can do all the travelling like that.

What's next on the schedule? More music? Dates?
More music, new Royalty single & video coming out end of June, some dates in Europe and in Japan.

You can try to keep up with Chesca Ches, if you can, but catching her blog, following her on twittah and of course, listening to more magical creations on her soundcloud.


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