Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Analogue Monsta: Q&A - Time To [VIDEO]

Oddly enough, I had been talking about this Analogue Monsta project w/ Suzi Analogue a little whilst back as I was hearing rumblings it was nearing completion. Monday, we in fact had just worked out some deets about a story idea I had for her and TOKiMONSTA. Then this lead video for Time To dropped yesterday...

So decided for a very quick Q&A w/ Suzi Analogue about the Analogue Monsta project. It went like this:

East coast, west coast. when did you guys 1st meet?

We officially met in Los Angeles in 2009 when Klipmode played Grand Star. Everyone had already been digging each other's music before that. Me and TOKiMONSTA had the same glasses necklace or something, so that just added fuel to the fire; our styles clicked in a lot of areas. We vibe well creatively.

With a name like Analogue Monsta, which simply rolls well off the tongue, it seemed like it was meant to be. Who brought up the idea of a collaboration??

It was a mutual thing. TOKiMONSTA wanted to do the remix of my original NXT MSG I think just because she vibed on it, but it ended up turning into something special, and we both really liked the sound we created together enough to just keep going. Naturally you take one part Analogue and one part TokiMonsta and get ANALOGUE MONSTA. Math is good.

When and how did Scion come aboard?

Scion Audio/Visual has been great at representing the work of innovative emerging artists recently by curating special projects for compelling work. So when they heard about Analogue Monsta and what we've been up to, they were down to be a part. This video is the first of 2012 a part for an installment series they are doing called Installment 7. They have created with Dam Funk, Danny Brown, Hudson Mohawke, Lunice (TNGHT), and others.

You both produce. Were the production duties split down the middle?? Did TOKiMONSTA make any attempts in the vocal booth?? ;)

We do. We both created the songs together, I arranged and wrote and this time it's a lot of TOKiMONSTA beats. In the future we will be doing all types of things though, you will never know what to expect from us, keep your minds open.

When is this EP dropping and can we expect something more substantial in the future?? Tour dates?

The EP will be out in a few weeks, we have surprises up our sleeves. It's important to us to keep this project as fun as possible... So we're steadily crafting surprises to drop on the world soon. We're really about that. The more love we receive, the more surprises we can concoct. We toured with Bonobo in 2010, and we had a blast, so we would definitely love to do a proper tour in the future. We love doing this.

Stay tuned for more news re: Analogue Monsta, and lock into Scion A/V for more news.


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