Monday, April 30, 2012

ONRA @ Supermarket June 7th 2012, Toronto

Sealed and delivered, we are proud to announce the return to Toronto of Paris France's own and 2008 Red Bull Music Academy graduate ONRA. Having been here twice to great acclaim and fanfare, it's only right that we have him back in town as he readies for a new record due out on the Fool's Gold imprint, due out just about the same time as this mini Canadian tour.
Having had many releases under his belt, his break out LP came w/ All City's LONG DISTANCE which was a marvellous release with fans coming in from all walks of beat - old school, new school, beat music fanatics, funk fiends etc...
ONRA's new record from Fool's Gold is promising to maintain a torrid tempo, keeping with the momentum from All City's success. With that said, 92BPM is proud to announce the return of ONRA

92BPM Presents:

ONRA - LIVE (All City, Fool's Gold, FRANCE)
w/ Jason Palma (Footprints, Higher Ground Radio CIUT 89.5, TORONTO), mymanhenri (92BPM)
Thursday June 7th 2012
Supermarket. 268 Augusta Ave.
$10 Adv tckt. $15 @ Door.
Facebook RSVP Page


Tickets are now on sale

Play De Record
357 Yonge Street Toronto, ON M5B 1S1

Moog Audio
442 Queen St West. Toronto

And the tickets are also now available online.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sibaz: Seguir

Something someone posted in the 92BPM FaceBook Group (free to join btw) a few days back has been a chance but remarkable release.
Sibaz's EP called Seguir dropped quietly and was posted by one of his homies in the group. Best part?? As I tried to get some info from him, I found out this Chilean spoke very little english, and I didn't have enough confidence in my Spanish, so I enlisted my friend Valerie to link it al up. Either, take a listen as you can hear the influences, but very well executed.

I'll be posting the few questions I sent off, but either way pls enjoy this Seguir release, and do follow Sibaz. ;)



Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Joss Ryan: Melancholy Dreams

Music writing has never been more accessible. And it's been a wonderful thing - if not almost overwhelming. I've always said, no matter who, what, where, when - everybody's got a banger in them. But nonetheless, we're seeing cats younger by the day who are delivering some serious riddims. Case in point, Joss Ryan. The 19 yr old East Londoner was spotted and promptly scooped by Scratcha for his DVA label, and is now just about to drop his release next week.

Melancholy Dreams is a 3 cut 12 will feature this smash title track rife some dramatic strings, doomy synths, all done adagio, and 2 extra to complete the release. You can listen to the title track below...

or download this mix for Whopwhop blog, I just found featuring all three releases.


01. Joss Ryan - Melancholy Dreams (From the forthcoming 'Melancholy Dreams' EP on DVA Music)
02. Silkie - Snowed In (Feat. Von D)
03. Joss Ryan - Fully Charged
04. Joss Ryan - Take My Chance
05. Joker - Lost
06. Joss Ryan - Drop It (From the forthcoming 'Melancholy Dreams' EP on DVA Music)
07. Joss Ryan - Trust You To (From the forthcoming 'Melancholy Dreams' EP on DVA Music)
08. Silkie - It's Late
09. Mosca - Bax
10. Grand Puba - Get It (Caspa's 80Eighties Remix)
11. 2000F & J Kamata - You Don't Know What Love Is
12. Joss Ryan - Who Knew
13. Auction - Statues (Mashepest Remix)

Melancholy Dreams by Joss Ryan will be out 04-30-2012 in a reputable outlets.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Moresounds: Breath Control EP

More goodness dropping from the Cosmic Bridge camp. This time, we're introduced to the riddims of Paris based Moresounds. This 4th release from CB will follow what seems to be the modus operandi of interstellar arrangements of sweeping sound efx, kicks, snares and that west indian swing that simply sound superb on a proper sound. I have this feeling that Analog Steak will be a fave of mine.... Either way, set to drop on wax and digital May 21st 2012. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. Ok. J'suis prêt putain.


1. Weeda
2. Analog Steak
3. Shtrakstep Zip
4. No Coke

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mono Poly: Killer Bs

A new EP from the grossly underrated Mono Poly. The gift of melody is only held by a few, and there's nothing more powerful than a rousing refrain. Better yet, what do you know about mysterious and near macabre melodies? Mono Poly does. Love it. Also love that Mono Poly that 4/4 comes in all sorts of flavours, and he finds ways of always tinkering with the cadence of his tracks - something i've always admired in his writing. Hope you will to. And this Killer Bs EP is available for free. As well, look for his touring dates, in your inbox soon. ;)

You can download Killer Bs for free from his site - for a lim time, so act now.



Rinse FM: Kode9 w Flying Lotus 2007


I love these old finds. I was just meandering yesterday, waiting to head out to see Knxwledge in Toronto, then saw a tweet from Sert One posting this older mix. Better yet, I love getting insight in ppl's inspirations, and Sert One put it out there after reposting this mix.

I've heard accounts of when Kode9 talks about meeting a young Flying Lotus at the Red Bull Music Academy in 2006 in Melbourne and becoming friends there after. Kinda fun when you sit back and think of what all came afterwards. Either way, this is much more than a nostalgic listen to some as Sert One will attest, but enjoy it either way.

Kode9 w/ Flying Lotus - Rinse FM 2007.


Shouts Sert One.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Art Of ReUse Presents Knxwledge

Celebrating their 2nd yr anni, the The Art of Reuse™ collective of couturiers, the guild of designers behind the garments are having Knwledge back in town to play their event this Sunday. Will be nice to break bread w/ Knx again. Been a min since I've seen dude. So much to rap about. Nuts. Make sure you're there.

The Art of Reuse™ 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY
Sunday April 22 2012.
1292 Queen Street West, Toronto.
Facebook RSVP.

See you there.




A comp from the Cali citizens of HW&W, who I had not heard from since.... eQ's 1st joint maybe?? I could be mistaken, but they've released something fresh for listeners and followers of the ( ( ( S O U N D ) ) ) .
The tracklist pretty much gives it away, but will feature some of your recent faves and reads as follows:


4. CO. FEE – “LA DA DI”
8. KOEN – “993″
12. TA-KU – “POKYO”
13. TEK.LUN – “I.O.U.”

You can download the comp, released today.



Illumsphere Remixed Preview

Been a min since I rapped w/ dood. But he stays hustling. Coming from our good friend and Red Bull Music Academy grad Illumsphere and purveyor of Hoya Hoya brand and imprint is a remix release w/ edits from OGs. Om Unit, ikoni-cute Ikonika, Kidkanevel, Scumbag and the OG's OG Dabrye, as he delivered something I cannot wait to get my hands and spinning alum alloy platters on. May 14th 2012 has more or less been the date set, so keep your eye and ears peeled on this one and check your local wax emporium.


1. Agent White (Kidkanevil's Agent Black Remix)
2. An Old Escape (Dabrye Remix)
3. Chasing The Midnight Moth (Ikonika Remix)
4. Never Lie Twice (Om Unit Remix)
5. One For Dimlite (Scumbag Remix)

Coming from Fat City May 14th ish 2012.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sun Ra by Austin Peralta [VIDEO]

In their new series of Sun Ra reinterpretations - Views Of Saturn v2, All City Records follows up the 1st release from Ras G which dropped last year.
The latest one comes from the youngest in charge, the brilliant and erudite Austin Peralta of Brainfeeder fame. The production and arrangement all by Austin himself, with duties distributed as follows:

Austin Peralta: synth, soprano saxophone, percussion, voice, electronic manipulation
Strangeloop: electronic manipulation
Earnest Blount: electronic manipulation
Michael Foster: tenor saxophone

12" drops May 7th in all fine record boutiques near you.


Earnest Endeavours: Our Nest v1

Coming from the good ppl over at Earnest Endeavours - moments ago in an email - was a notice for a compilation for the ppl. Yup. Our Nest v1 is a comp which will showcase the coming sounds from their camp in the next little whilst, and kind of warning shot across the bow. Involved are B Bravo, and Darkhouse Fam of course, with the addition of names like my man mfp, JTodd (there's a name i've not heard in a min), Widows, Selfsays... And this comp is avail as a name your price fee. Show some love and scoop this up.



Pursuit Grooves

Whilst getting myself acquainted with what was to become this revered beat scene that once barely made a bleep on the sonar, I discovered Pursuit Grooves like many had through the Cinnaman's and Jay Scarlett's Beat Dimension v1. Being the intrepid traveler I was at the time, I found myself in NYC one year, sitting in Pursuit Grooves former clothing boutique, sitting around during some festival - chatting about all things PG. That was in 08. FFWD to 2012, and she's since made lots more music, voyaged across many more continents and taken in more projects. I chatted with her right before she left for another set of dates.

I 1st came across your material on the seminal Beat Dimensions v1 and the track Push Up. I then made my way back to find the Fun Like Passion LP. Did you have any other recordings before that??

Fun Like Passion was my first album. It was self released on iTunes and Bandcamp and actually includes the track Push Up. That was followed by another self released album called Wild Art Forestry which actually includes the track "Pressure" which ended up going on Fox Trot Mannerisms which was put out by Tectonic.

Push Up

If yes, when/how did you officially start as Pursuit Grooves??

I started using the name Pursuit as an MC in high school, but while attending college I added the Grooves. It was a bit more fitting for me as a producer.
As I say "I seek, hunt and capture ears"!

You MC and also do some singing. Did that come before the production or vice versa?

I started MCing just slightly before I started producing. I was always writing lyrics. Back then I was taking 12 inch hip hop instrumentals and rhyming over them. I always had a keyboard around because I had taken piano lessons as a kid for a short time. But around 14/15 I got a Yamaha PSR 410 or something like that, that actually let you record patterns. It had 5 tracks. You could only use internal sounds but it had some decent drum sounds and some warm synth/pads so I was making some decent hip hop/ r&b tunes. Maybe a year later I bought a 4 track cassette recorder so I could also lay down vocals & rhymes. I ended up also making beats for high school friends who were rhyming at the time as well.

When I go back and listen to songs like Mushroom City, it almost seems to lay the foundation for your migration from classic 4/4 cadence to what you're currently messing about now these days. Were you starting to chart a different course back then??

Growing up I was a huge Teddy Riley and later a Timbaland fan. They were both nonconventional in a sense with tempos and beats. Teddy Riley was pretty upbeat and Timbaland was very broken with his rhythms so perhaps subliminally that was all an influence to me. Plus being from Washington DC/ Maryland I also got a bit of that Baltimore house bump so I was always open to varying tempos. I was also listening to a lot of trip hop and artists from Europe while in college. Making tracks that were also purely instrumental also allowed me to not worry about if certain beats could be rhymed over or not.

You've since gone to work with a variety of different labels and sounds. Can you run down your inspirations for doing so?? And were you approached by these labels 1st or did you create the work and send them some of the work for their feedback??

For Tectonic, I had emailed a few labels via Myspace (when that was the place to communicate). I had made some new tracks that I felt really good about and figured they needed proper distro. My first self released album Fun Like Passion actually got a lot of decent press and play for a self release. I still have the Straight No Chaser Mag that gave it a great review so I knew I had something, I just had to get it to the right ears. Tectonic was an unlikely place as I was not traditionally dubstep by any means and was more hip hop and broken beat for sure, but I was happy that Pinch took it on. Being a producer, MC and vocalist I've always had a few talents that I could offer so I've been approached for remixes, guest vocals etc. For various genres which is awesome.

Again, always seemingly looking for something new, you took on this GUSHEE project. Can you tell us how this duet got started and what that sound and concept is all about?

Gushee is a project with Cheldon Paterson out of Toronto. That was also a myspace connection. We were really vibing on our love for trip hop, Portishead, Bjork and such and decided to collab. One track turned into a whole EP which I am really proud of. It highlighted me more as a vocalist which was something I had kind of shyed away from because I really wanted to be a producer mainly. But folks kept telling me to sing more because it was this warm raw beast that was different so I went with it. With Gushee I could share the production responsibilities plus Cheldon has amazing mixing skills which was so beyond what I was doing at the time mix wise. He made those tracks float into another universe. We made two videos for that self titled album as well. Both on youtube :) The album is on iTunes and Bandcamp and we've got some new stuff in the works. So I'm in Toronto a lot.

you also have something else bubbling in the works from later this yr. Can you talk about that??

Yeah I have an EP coming out early summer under the alias 91 Fellows on Deepblak Recordings. Its a tribute to my grandfather who passed away late last year. I had just arrived in London to play at Fabric and found out right after my gig that he had died. I couldn't make it back home unfortunately because I had commitments to other gigs in Europe so I decided to do a tribute project to him. I finished most of it while I was in Europe over a three week period.
Its a bit haunting, kind of cinematic dub. I was about creating a certain mood and all of the titles are related to memories of him. I also wanted to take away the pressure of making something upbeat and so hip hop or dance driven. 91 Fellows is an outlet for me to experiment with sound
and really focus on building a soundscape. It's really hypnotic stuff.

you do quite a bit if gigging across the globe. What have been some of the best and worst times of touring?

I've been really lucky to play Europe numerous times. Japan and Australia was amazing. Everyone has been so great. The promoters, hosts, audiences etc. To me its not a matter of how big or small, I'm happy to be able to share my music to people around the world. Its an experience I would not have had if not for music. The worse was probably having by SP505 blank out on me twice. Once in Manchester and once in Glasgow. That sucks!!!!! Machines ya know. I'm really considering adding some live instruments/percussion for live gigs so if all else fails its me and the drums!!! Gonna go all Sheila E with it!

Ok. production weapons of choice, and why?

I have 3 boss sp505s because as I mentioned it crapped out on me twice and I had to buy new ones. I've had the first since 2002 and I'm just so used to it. Its great for chopping sounds and I love it for live shows. I use it for producing along with a computer and some synths. I really like learning things inside and out. Just my preference. But as I say, they are all just tools. Its more about your brain and soul and where that leads you creatively.
On another note I'm writting this while at the DC airport. And I just witnessed history. The Discovery Space shuttle is making its rounds before retiring to the Smithsonian. Wow. Its amazing how we experience so much change in our lifetime. I cherish the little things and live in the moment. You just never know what life holds in the future :)

You can keep up w/ Pursuit Grooves trough her site, soundcloud or hit her up on twitter as well.


Eglo Live Band [VIDEO]

Sneak peak from a 3rd yr anni event and rehearsal from the Eglo Records live band featuring Fatima.


New Fact Mix From Battles

In time for their remixes record out today, the Battles crew put out a mix for Fact Mag. Surprised by the track list, but more importantly it featured some unreleased Hudson Mohawke to start it all off, and even more surprises along the way. So enjoy this mix, courtesy of Battles' John Stanier. Find the link below the track list.


Boredoms – Super You
Hudson Mohawke – Costas unreleased
Hudson Mohawke – Silver unreleased
Hudson Mohawke – Zebrasss unreleased
The Alchemist – Chemical Warfare (instrumental)
The Alchemist – More Like Us (instrumental)
The Field – Looping State Of Mind (Junior Boys remix) unreleased
S.C.U.M. – Amber Hands (The Field remix)
The Alchemist – Gangster Shit,Pt. 2 (instrumental)
Shabazz Palaces – Yeah You
Gang Gang Dance – First Communion (TV On The Radio remix)
Kangding Ray – Odd Sympathy
Gui Boratto – Destination Education (Tale Of Us remix)
Silent Servant – Violencia (Function mix)
Gui Boratto – This Is Not The End (Michael Mayer remix) unreleased
The Field – Yesterday and Today
Cluster – Heisse Lippen
LCD Soundsystem – North American Scum (Onanistic dub)
Kode 9 vs. LD – Bad
The Alchemist – That’ll Work (feat. Three 6 Mafia & Juvenile)



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jonwayne: XLR8R Podcast

And so it goes... I'll go ahead and say that Jonwayne may emerge is a MVP - most valuable producer - in the nest little whilst. As this middle ground of producers pray to part from this over populated peleton, guys like Jonwayne, Jawnwayne aka Jonwayniac or bringing his roots back to the game. This dextrous doyen has delivered more recently some delight full records from Alpha Pup, and was rewarded with a signing w/ Stones Throw - though that was in convo for ever. He's now back on the mic solo, as well as working on this Darkorsemen collab w/ Dibi. The stuff has been sounding tight. Some of us know the history. After all that... he delivered an almost exclusively classic rap podcast for XLR8R. Enjoy.


01 Sun Ra "We Travel the Spaceways" (Saturn Research)
02 Tim Hecker "Radio Amor" (Mille Plateaux)
03 cLOUDDEAD "Rhymer's Only Room & Velvet Ant" (Mush)
04 Notorious B.I.G. "Suicidal Tendencies" (Bad Boy)
05 Dimlite "Unknown" (Now Again)
06 Defari "Unknown"
07 Quasimoto - "Broad Factor (Jonwayne Remix)"
08 Jeru the Damaga "Perverted Monks in tha House (Theme)" (PayDay)
09 Les Visiteurs Du Soir "Je T'Ecris D'um Pays" (Born Bad)
10 Big L "All Black" (Columbia)
11 Bruce Haack "Unknown"
12 Company Flow (Def Jux)
13 Busta Rhymes "Survival Hungry" (J)
14 Lootpack "Episodes" (Stones Throw)
15 J-Live "Braggin Writes" (Raw Shack)
16 Passion "As The..." (Interscope)
17 Dr. Octagon "No Awareness" (Bulk)
18 De La Soul "Dog Eat Dog" (Tommy Boy)
19 Ghostface Killah feat. Raekwon "The Faster Blade" (Epic)
20 Jeru the Damaga "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" (PayDay)
21 Edan "Mic Manipulator" (Lewis)
22 Kitaro "Dawning" (Canyon)
23 Kitaro "Tienshan" (Canyon)
23 Steven Wright "Entire b-side of I Have a Pony" (Warner Bros.)
24 KRS One "Ah Yeah" (Avatar)

Boiler Room: Computer Jay

[pic courtesy of Solid State LA]

Boiler Room LA 002 took place recently and had a host of mans push through the night. One of which was Computer Jay (my man) who opened his set like only Computer Jay could do - a kind of vernissage really. Either way the opening salvo sets the mood for that real weird science. Love it. Hope you do too as he drops some new goodness - as we await this supposed Savage Planet Discotheque EP. And it's all here to hear, courtesy of Boiler Room.

Computer Jay, Live at @ Boiler Room LA 002.




Monday, April 16, 2012

Thundercat: Walkin' [VIDEO]

What's better than a track featuring some of your faves? A video featuring some of your faves. Coming from the critically acclaimed Golden Age of The Apocalypse from Thundercat is the clip for Walkin', with appearances from some of your fave LA cats. Let's see if you can spot them. ;)



Chesca Ches

I spoke on Chesca Ches a hot min ago, after a brilliant mix she had on Alexander Nut's show on Rinse FM as I used to hear him shout out Royalty, Chesca Ches and Yorke Beats. I had no idea who they were until we had contact some time afterwards. But I did get to hear much of her work on production w/ her partner Yorke Beats as the outfit Royalty. An impressive duo (or is that trio?) putting out some fantastic future funk riddims full of club tempos, and the 2 EPs they currently have out.
So when I was thinking through this ladies profile, it was only right that I reached out to her about her experiences with the music, stiffing ROy Ayers, the life of a mother on the road, and having a partner equally as busy in this eco sound system.

When did you start to decide to write music? Were you inspired by anyone in particular?

I was DJing when I was in university, but never thought I would be able to "make" music until someone suggested I'd download Cool Edit Pro. I got it and I made my first beat in like 20 minutes..came really natural for me and I was shocked about how easy it was. I won the Italy Diesel Music Contest like 6 months after downloading the program..and I was rather embarrassed when they asked me to perform on the same stage as Roy Ayers at the awards, cause it was literally the 5th or 6th beat I had ever made. I didnt show up at the ceremony in the end, instead I had flown to LA to pursue my new dream career.

Were you always into this new boogie ? Were there boogie / funk producers you cherished that got you into it?

I was always very much "funk" oriented. Grew up to hip hop, funk and soul. It was very natural for me to eventually get into Disco and Boogie, and House later on. I first got into this "new boogie" scene when I first went to LA and was kicking it with who I think were the best people doing it back then.

Are all your songs collabs w/ Yorke Beats or do you write and then pool the work together?

We both do solo stuff, and we collaborate on some stuff that eventually becomes Royalty songs. Most of the times I do drums/bass or use samples...he's the good keyboard player and engineer between us.

Walk us through a typical writing session. Does the bassline come 1st or the beat/drum??

I most likely start with drums to get the groove...then maybe find a melody..bass comes either first or last....

Be it that you certainly write music with a flair for a time past, are your also working with vintage equipment? if so, which pieces ? Which do you cherish most? What do you compose on generally?

Having a big vintage music equipment collection was something me and Yorke been dreaming on since we first met. We've rather expanded our synth dream now...we have a lot of analog gear. My Juno 60 is the one I love and use the most as its the first one I ever bough back when I was living with my mom in Italy maaany years ago. The guy I bought it from off ebay shipped it with a box of chocolates inside.

Tell us if you may, how you find balancing the wonders of motherhood and working in this capacity as a producer?

I think producing is like any other sort of creative "work from home " jobs, many women do that and its better than travelling to an office every day and seeing your kid only an hour every day before he goes to bed. Its hard to concentrate when he's around but its also beautiful when he's there while a song is being created. The real tricky part is the travelling that's involved in this "job". Sometimes I take him with me on tour, but a lot of times I have to leave him in London cause schedules get too hectic for him..I look forward to the day we can afford a big amazing family tour bus and we can do all the travelling like that.

What's next on the schedule? More music? Dates?
More music, new Royalty single & video coming out end of June, some dates in Europe and in Japan.

You can try to keep up with Chesca Ches, if you can, but catching her blog, following her on twittah and of course, listening to more magical creations on her soundcloud.


Fhloston Paradigm On Rinse FM Hyperdub Special

For those that missed it AS DID I, the latest edition of the Hyperdub monthly on Rinse FM with DVA was on the past week, and was just uploaded a in the last day of or. Featured - aside from the usual comedic conversations from DVA, and a boat load of new riddims, was an interview with Fhloston Paradigm and a an exclusive mix. The theme?? The Warriors Soundtrack in 2012. Whoa. Either way, enjoy and let me know if the Rinse FM link is down, I'll up another up.

Hyperdub Special ft Fhloston Paradigm


Tracklist (just updated!)

1.- Genesis - Elzih
2.- Future Jazz Music - Alex Attias
3.- Gluetraps - Anti-Pop Consortum
4.- Dark Matter - Architeq
5.- Coat of Arms - Nosajthing
6.- Newend (Monolithium Recrunc) - Taprikk Sweezee
7.- Why - Alpines & Maya Jane Cole
8.- Unspoken (Anoraak Remix) - Pacific
9.- NightinGale - ???
10.- Talkin Bout Mine - IG Culture
11.- Antigravity (Low Limit Remix)- Shlohmo
12.- Video Games (Joy Orbison Remix)- Lana Del Rey
13.- unknown track on Compost jazz comp
14.- Aus feat King Aus - Nina Kraviz
15.- Side Danger - Floating Points
16.- Collide (unreleased)- Deetron
17.- Machinery (Fhloston Paradigm Remix)- SonnyMoon



Sweatson Klank: Elevate Me


We have not only something officially announced from Sweatson Klank, but we have a date to circle in the calendar. This Elevate Me EP will be his newest release since a hot min, with new riddims and new attitudes. He and I have spoken in past about the new sophisticated 140 tempo, and the maturing of the club sound. Without getting into too many details which I'll save for a longer piece, I'll let you know that this Elevate Me EP will be a must + you should make time for the supporting tour as it comes to your town...



1.Always You 03:55
3.I Can't Explain
4.My Love Is Here
5.In Between

You can download the sampler above. Elevate Me EP will be out May 4th 2012 on Project Mooncircle. Stay tuned.


Daedelus' Archimedes [VIDEO]

Wow. I had this bookmarked for a few days as I lazily made my way through the weekend. But 2012, you've been warned. As acts up the ante with the addition of visuals, we may be witnessing a legit contender for the belt. One of the best shows last year was the MP3 tour aka the Magical Properties 3 Tour w/ Tokimonsta, Shlomo and Daedelus and some phenomenal visuals by a lad from Manchester (forget his name still SORRY). This year, Daedelus has been working on some secret weapon, maybe not so much to defeat a siege of Los Angeles, but certainly an impressive display nonetheless. Word is that a beta versions of this was on display earlier this year - before it takes the road full time. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: ARCHIMEDES, the teaser.

Stay tuned.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mamiko Motto

First met MamikO Motto in Spain during Sonar sometime in either 08 or 09. At the time, we all shared a spot near by with the Lucky Me family for the festival - shout outs to Radna! It was a blast. But we certainly kept in touch as I recall seeing her tinkering w/ Ableton, and she was running her long time running Hepcat Radio show which is currently part of the NTS Live schedule. Though she had spent much of this time DJing, the Lithuanian born MamikO Motto had also just recently picked up a gig with the A&R dept of famed Kindred Spirits, in Holland and was responsible for intoriducing them to emerging acts like Dorian Concept, The Blessings as well as Mweslee. All the whilst, she kept tinkering w/ production which eventually led to a collaboration credit w/ Hudson Mohawke on the Warp 20 comp - as Wednesday Nite.
I caught up w/ MamikO Motto somewhere in cyberspace to rap real quick...

You seemingly have spent much time as a radio show host and a DJ then producer. Was that by design?? Which do you like more, writing or hosting??

No, I only recently started working on production side of things. I was always a music lover first. My probably favorite part is just going to clubs listening to great performances , going to secondhand shops discovering old music and then finding a balance of bringing the different generations together. I always tried to do it during my radio shows and my dj sets. Now I try to connect the dots in my produced tracks. I have to be honest, I like colaborating more than working alone. I tend to never finish my tracks otherwise.

Looks like your beginnings were not in music composition. When did you decide to start writing music during your career and did someone influence your decision??

I've done some bits and bobs under the Wednesday Nite name & some others too but it was mainly being featured on some peoples' albums or their tracks. To start producing was a natural evolulion. I have very high standards and am barely ever happy with my stuff, but I am very curious and want to try out my abilities. As for inspiration it's just in general creativity drives me mad, keeps me awake at night & makes me do things I can't put it in words sometimes.

Do you feel that your start in music as a user/dj and less producer has given you any kind of advantage when approaching production?

MMM...I don't know. My dj experience has shaped some sort of style I guess, but to be honest, through my life I came across so much music of so many genres that I don't even know which one I should be standing for. I would say whatever you got any knowledge or not the best thing is to have a feeling. A feeling of what works for you. If haven't got that, you're in trouble.

Do you have any formal music training ?

No. I only went to vocal classes for about 5years, but then I muted myself for a long time. Back to singing now and really enjoying recording songs.

You have a collaboration w/ Hudmo as Wednesday Nite. How did that come about and when do you plan to release any more material?

It was all very natural really. I was hanging out a lot with Hudmo at the time. We played a lot of shows together & used to spend hours and hours of showing music we liked to each other. Warp was doing 20th anniversary special album, called Recreated, where all Warp artists remix each other. Ross has invited me to do a track together and had chosen Jimi Tenor " Paint The stars ". We did it overnight in Glasgow just before going to Australia on tour. Everyone at Warp seemed to love it & it got onto Warp 20th anniversary limited edition Boxet, which is quite amazing when I think about it now.

As for new material. I would love to record an album with Hudson Mohawke. We've been talking about it, though in the past. But we both are so busy with other projects at the moment, so I am not really sure if or when it will happen. Maybe it will come out in 2020 haha...which is not a bad thing, as I think this album would be just too mental for anyone to understand in 2012.
As for my solo stuff. There will be few features on other producers albums and my solo EP by the end of 2012. Promise Promise.

Do you think there needs to be more ladies producing or is that of any concern to you at all??

I always will support good artists.Nomatter if theyre men, women or seals.There is everything out there in the world for you to be taken.All you have to do is push yourself a little harder.
I think there are a LOT of great female artists around & I don't neccesserry feel there is a lack of them, maybe the other way around.There needs to be more people knowing that theyre here.:)

As we await more music or collaborations from MamikO Motto (best name in the game btw - she's got Japanese heritage), ytou can catch her on NTS Live on Wednesday nights (coincidence?), London time. Check the schedule for times.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Teebs, Sonnymoon, Time Wharp Recap in Toronto

A wonderful recap of the Teebs Sonnymoon & Time Wharp tour stop that took place in Toronto. Clips from the show at the Drake and the #SayWrd conversation at The Mascot, all edited down in a great video.
Shouts to K1ROBOT on this one - again. Shouts to Teebs, Sonnymoon & Time Wharp. Tom, Tyler & Tyler. Thank you Sko and The Mascot and The Drake.


Daddy Kev Live @ Low End NYC March 2008

I unearthed this one from the archives. I knew I had a live Low End Theory recording somewhere, and I was just telling Dabrye about a few weeks back and sent him the link this AM. It's a rare one. Daddy Kev, live @ Low End Theory, back when they were trying to establish the night in NYC. I believe there were 2 editions. Either way, enjoy this classic mix.



Kuedo: Ascension Phase [VIDEO]

Something from a record a quietly played over and over again (Thank you Juha), Kuedo's Ascension Phase from his excellent Severant LP has been translated to a short CG film. The smooth visuals feature hyperactive hi hats he recently alluded to twitter, and marvy melodies that drew me in. Either way, rumor has it he's scheduled to be at Montréal's Mutek later this year, if you're in the area. ;) Enjoy.


Tokimonsta: Toronto April 18th 2012

In a last second addition to the ever so busy Toronto events schedule, TOKiMONSTA in descending to the city of Toronto for an early set at Wrongbar, April 18th 2012. Opening sets by Sunclef, Take A Bath & mymanhenri.
She comes to Toronto on the heels of the relesse of the video with her Analogue Monsta collaborator w/ Suzi Analogue. Her last visit was one of the highlights at The Drake, a night full of lights, cameras and marriage proposals. ;). Either way , on short notice here are the deets:

Galapagomentality presents:

w/ Sunclef, Take A Bath & mymanhenri
Wednesday April 18th 2012.
Wrongbar, 1279 Queen St W.
$15 Advance Tckts. EARLY SHOW. 8PM
FaceBook RSVP

Tell a friend, bring another ™.


Cosmopolyphonic Radio: Elaquent Guest Mix 27

With a record that was just recently release at the end of last month, we are offered a guest mix by Elaquent and the ppl at Cosmopolyphonic Radio. The 30 min mix will take you through some of Elaquent's faves, from friends and associates. With that, enjoy the mix by streaming or downloading it, and if you're in Toronto, do recall 92BPM is presenting The Scenic Route release party with Sunclef as well as a special guest to be announced.


01.Elaquent - love at third sight
02.krystale - sweet tooth (produced by kaytradamus)
03.mfp - zen funk
04.samiyam - lifesized stuffed animals
05.benny b blonco - i swing funk
06.benny b blonco - shut em down
07.budamunky - let it flow
08.DIBIA$E - applebeez
09.memorecks - baseball bat butter - smooth route
11.heRobust - facebook lift
12.juj - space gold
13.ta-ku - day 13
14.sunclef - thelefts - flo^t
16.kaytradamus - windows 95
17.Miles Bonny x B.Lewis - Lost Without You
18.Elaquent - recurring dream

The Scenic Route is available now.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kutmah Speaks World Wide v2, Sketchbook [VIDEO]

Kutmah now famously relocated from LA to the UK, speaks on his beginnings and of many others' in LA including the folkoric Sktechbook night, and many of the selections featured on his Brownswood Recordings World Wide Family v2 comp out now.


GB: The Abstract Eye EP


I really need artwork on this one, but I've been taken and inspired by GB's work in more recent times. I was listening to his last EP which featured The Provider - a big tune in my books, and this recent EP which was supposed to drop March 26th from the good ppl at Eglo Records sounds like he's maintaining the analog direction that has been manifested at recent shows. The cadence and sound are techno, with a touch of that spanish ame that's not often so present in some tracks. Frenzied basslines, arpeggiating leads, building across lengthy tracks. Count me in on this one.

Grandfather Fire

Again, GB's The Abstract Eye EP should be out soon on Eglo Records.



A few years ago, I pitched an all female producer showcase - that unfortunately fell on deaf ears. I thought about this a few more times, esp after doing Red Bull Music Academy sessions where I would see this overwhelming amount men show up, and I would taken upon myself to assure the ladies that it wasn't really a navy shipment - though it looked like it. So, the idea of doing a female producer showcase was born again at that point, and the editorial part was really sparked after listening to a Culture Remixed podcast which featured the following producer: Astronautica.

As I mentioned, I was locked into an online podcast w/ Astronautica, and she came out from her LA suburb for an interview with Culture Remixed, and wanted to spark a greater convo w/ her on the air but ran short of time. As such, I shot her an email and it went from there.

How did you get your start? You alluded to LA/CA being a bit of a beat scene mecca, and that inspired you. Was it a person? A moment?? Can you recall?? Where do you generally draw you're inspiration from??

Like everyone else, I hate traffic, but one day, it actually wasn’t so bad. I was picking up a friend from the airport who also produces and djs, and we were sitting in traffic on the 405. I had made a mixed tape with Flylo, Tokimonsta, Nosaj Thing, Teebs, Take, Aether, etc. and my friend was surprised that I was into that kind of music. He was even more surprised when I told him I wanted to start learning how to produce my own. It had been a lingering idea at the back of my head for some time, but it finally became something I was sure I wanted to do. I asked him how I should get started, and he told me to start with Garage Band. I ended up making some stuff on Garage Band, but I was getting bored with it and wanted to have a program where I could elaborate more. That’s when I moved over to Ableton, and became hooked on the endless possibilities that comes a long with it.

I became inspired by the city of Los Angeles, and all of it’s creativity and talented people that come from this area. It was that moment, sitting in traffic in downtown LA and listening to artists from LA, that I decided I wanted to be apart of this growing scene.

My inspiration mainly comes from my day-to-day experiences. If something or someone has me feeling a certain way, I’ll go and express that feeling in a piano melody, or a guitar riff. With my song Casino, there is a sense of newness, like that new feeling you get when someone you’ve known for a while or just met comes into your life, and it makes you feel blissful that they did. The night I finished that song, I had just gotten back from one of the first dates my boyfriend and I had gone on, and it was indeed at a casino. (It was a tattoo convention; no we were not gambling on a first date, ha!). When a song is completed, it's a collage of my emotions is its foundation.

You mentioned feeling some pride in being part Filipino. Is there a part of you that feels the same about being a female producer in this male heavy segment of music?

Pride in being a female producer? Ha, well no not pride.. I don’t think the whole mentality of “anything you can do, I can do better,” should apply to anything, especially music. Music is something everyone feels, its natural. But, it is interesting to me that there aren’t more females into it, it’s so relaxing, and not to mention, satisfying once a song is done! It’s this feeling you get when you’ve finished a song, it never turns out how you originally planned it to, but it’s still all good.

It's been about a yr of production under your belt, and things move pretty fast in the new music ecosystem. Where do yourself see in the next 2 yrs? Is there a dream label you'd like to have a release for??

I’m surprised it’s already been a year! It went by so fast.. Time just keeps going faster each day! Let’s see, in the next couple years, I would like to have definitely put out a full album. I’ve been thinking of possibly singing… so that’s always something to work towards. There are some artists I’d love to collab with in the future as well. I would love to have a release for Brainfeeder. That label has so many eclectic artists, and I would love to be apart of that jazzy, funky, head-bopping sound.

You play the guitar. Is that you're instrument on choice?? Do you work it in to your music?? Or are you mostly sample based?

I love the guitar, it’s the instrument I wanted to play from the very beginning, even though I was forced to start with the piano as a kid, it worked out for my benefit. They come hand in hand with each other. I work it into my music, I’ll make a beat and record a little piano track.. I pretty much set it up for the guitar. I make most of my samples, I bought a little recorder off of craigslist awhile back, and I take it around with me, so if I ever hear a sound I like, I record it, and manipulate the sound later.

What is your recording/writing set up like?? Did anyone walk you/mentored you through the production process, and who if so??

I have a little studio in my garage. I mainly use an Akai APC 40 and an MPK 49. I have an Epiphone Les Paul I got as a present from my parents for my 8th grade graduation that I use in most of my tracks. I just bought a Stanton t.92, so I’m starting to play around with that a lot. A friend recently moved to Brooklyn, and gifted me with an Autoharp, which is awesome; I love that thing that so much! Those are the main instruments I use, other than that, I have a bunch of other random instruments lying around in here that I’ll pick up time-to-time and record with.

The same friend who I picked up from the airport mentored me a little through the production process at the beginning, showed me the basics. After that I was pretty much on my own. I’m the kind of person that likes to learn things on my own. I’ve always been attracted to hobbies that I can figure out at my own pace, and the way I want to, producing music allows me to do that.

You can check much more of Astronautica's music on her Soundcloud and Bandcamp as well.


Alphabets Heaven: Boosh

Ahhh... back from some days *offline*.

Coming from the beautiful boutique label that is King Deluxe is the May 1st release of Alphabets Heaven's Boosh. Brighton's own sovereign of the snares and kicks delivers a 7 track release featuring 3 works as well as 3 reworks, including one from Robot Koch. Though his modus operandi would indicate an EP full of clicks and clunks, Boosh beats to a different drum. Delivered is something much more rhythmic than just click and clunks. Thought there are some up tempo ditties, my personal faves are all of the slower tempo'ed pieces. The opener and title track does feature a steady measured and melodious piece full of efx, filters, still managing to creating a refrain from it all. But I found myself stuck on Deartentonine, drawn in possibly by the opening guitar sample, but then taken to this lavishly lush landscape conjuring images and sounds of wild flora & fauna, all done gracefully in an adagio pulse. YES.


01. Boosh 3:56
02. genggeng 3:11
03. Soul Dancing 3:31
04. Deartentonine 2:02
05. Darma (Headshotboyz Retrip) 5:51
06. Woman (Robot Koch's Over The Moon Remix) 3:32
07. Arka (wArkawArka remix) 5:47

Boosh from Alphabets Heaven will be out May 1st on King Deluxe.



Friday, April 6, 2012

Nosaj Thing Mix For Mary Anne Hobbs 3.31.2012

What's Nosaj Thing been up do? We know there was the recent Flash Bang Grenada business that dropped late last year, but last he mentioned, he was working on the next record. YES. He also mentioned something about doing more music w/ Kendrick Lamar. YES. Drift grew on me w/ every passing day, and Drift Remixes was just fantastic.
So when Nosaj Thing submistted his mix for Mary Anne Just about 1 week ago, I was pretty curious as to what he might squeeze in there. The last one he dropped for Mary Anne was tight, as it in fact featured some early Flash Bang works - though untitled at the time.
Either, if you missed Mary Anne's Show last Saturday, Nosaj Thing uploaded the mix for listening pleasure and did include what may be some previews to his new LP.


Nosaj Thing - Sci (Rough)
Nosaj Thing - Eclipse/Blue Feat. Kazu Makino
Nosaj Thing x Architeq - Untitled
D Tiberio - Raver 5
Jacques Green - iwont132
Jamie xx - Touch Me
Lunice - Superman OG
Machinedrum - A New Meaning (Rough)
Jon Wayne - Jackknifee
Nosaj Thing x Teebs - Untitled
Nosaj Thing x Kendrick Lamar - Cloud 10 Rework



Alexander Nut & Scratcha Dva on Rinse FM

Last week, the make up show from the week before took place during Alexander Nut's show on Rinse FM. Featured was Scratcha DVA with a host of guests, there to chat about the wonderful Pretty Ugly LP out now on HyperDub.

Among the guests were 3 of the featured vocalists on the LP: Elgo's Fatima, Cornelia as well as Natalie Maddix. The show turned into a live PA as well as getting to hear Scratcha DVA chat about the record. Missed it?? Stream it hear or download it.

Alexander Nut featuring Scratcha DVA w. Fatima, Cornelia & Natalie Maddix




Battles: Dross Glop - Glosss Drop Remixes

As part of this Glass Drop remix project Dross Glop, Battles have released a series of 12", leading to a full LP of re edits due out on Record Store Day this month. I recall reading about a Hudson Mohawke edit some time back and just caught wind of the rest - including an Alchemist and Kode9 edit.

Rolls Bayce (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

Africastle (Kode9 Remix)

White Electric (Shabazz Palaces Remix)

Futura (The Alchemist Remix)

Dross Glop Tracklist

1 - Wall Street (Gui Boratto Remix)
2 - Sweetie & Shag (The Field Remix)
3 - Futura (The Alchemist Remix)
4 - White Electric (Shabazz Palaces Remix)
5 - Africastle (Kode9 Remix)
6 - Inchworm (Silent Servant Remix - Edit)
7 - Toddler (Kangding Ray Remix - Edit)
8 - Dominican Fade (Qluster Remix)
9 - Ice Cream (BDG #Gang Gang Dance Remix)
10 - Rolls Bayce (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
11 - My Machines (Patrick Mahoney & Dennis McNany Remix)
12 - Sundome (EYE Remix)

You can pre order it now on Bleep, or wait for Record Store Day this month to scoop it.



92BPM Presents: Elaquent, Sunclef @ Wrongbar

Celebrating the release of Elaquent's new LP, we're curating a night full of the classic boom bamp, beats & rhymes, and of course, beat science.
The Scenic Route LP was released last month, and we're memorializing the event w/ a night for the fans the movement and the music.
Enlisted will be of course Elaquent, partner in crime Sunclef as well as a special guest who may or may not be announced.
Curating the night will be mymanhenri.

92BPM Presents ** UPDATED 04-23-2012 **:

The SCENIC ROUTE Release Party featuring

SUNCLEF & mymanhenri + Taktiks + Octavio Santos
Thursday April 26th 2012
WRONGBAR 1279 Queen ST West
$5 before 12p. 10p doors.
Facebook RSVP

Just wanted to update the listing and let you know that Octavio Santos will be in house w/ some live brass section, complementing Elaquent's work as he did on the lead single, as well local legend Taktiks will be in the building bringing you some of that Nckbrk goodness.

There will be product sold on site, so the vinyl junkies will be satisfied. But in the interim, be it that you need to get something now, you can scoop something from the official bandcamp site and buy his album now.

See you April 26th.


Easybeat 2 App: Updated - Now Universal

Yes, I've been tinkering w/ apps. They're so fun. And for clarity, I usually pick them up when they go on sale. And here's one more I grabbed yesterday and have been playing on the iPad, though it's a universal app.
Easybeat 2 was recently ported and updated as a universal app, and to celebrate they've put the app on sale for $1.99.

Though I'm walking it through so simple testing, Easybeat 2 is being sold as a pro drum machine for iOS. Seems pretty powerful so far. Though you don't have kits from what I can see, you have the opp to import your own samples though I don't know if there's a time limit. But you have some pretty interesting features - most of which are covered and outlined in this little promo video.

I'll allow you to imagine the possibilities but again, for $1.99?? And this is a Universal app btw, so this will run on both the iPhone and iPad. Love this app, but I hate the name. Meh. Can't win em all. Bus rides will never be the same. Easybeat 2 is on Easter sale now - so act quickly.


Figure iPhone App

I made mention of this a few weeks back and it dropped about 48 hrs ago.
Figure, which is Propellerhead's entry into the iOS app game has made it's official debut and it's a fun play.

Many of the sound engines were based on their flagship Reason engines ported for the iPhone, and it's a pretty easy play. Drums, bass, lead and you have also add some tweaks via 3 filters, a mini mixer, and also have the ability of real time changes and more tweaks like swing wtc.... Again, much of this is meant to be playful and as Propellerhead's originally put it, to compose on the bus. No doubt.

The iPhone is a the quasi ubiquitous device and I know I've been having tons of fun with mine - and have been blown away by the apps that have made their way to the app store. And Figure is just another of the fun ones that will allow you moments of creativity on those long rides from Kipling to Kennedy, Upminster to Ealing Broadway, 145th to Howard Beach or a drive from LA to The Bay with friends. Either way, when's the last time you had hrs of fun after spending 99¢? In fact, I just noticed this is a universal app. Wow. Sorry. (I was fooled by a bunch testing vids)
Figure is available now in the App Store.



Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kromestar: Parallel Sounds VIPs

This is some of the best news! So, I would listen to Anti Social on Rinse FM, and they would play these rediculous dubs from Kromestar, and they would have these promos so far in advance it drove me just BATTY. So when, a few days ago, I opened my in box to find these WAVs, I had to jump for joy.
Introducing, from Om Unit's Cosmic Bridge Records, the Kromestar: Parallel Sounds VIP 12". A new take on the Parallel Sounds EP which dropped some time back, this 2 track 12" will feature 2 tracks - Outer Limit and Don't Make Sense, the one that use to get tons of run on Anti Social with that deep synth bass line. Amazing.
Due out April 16th, this 12" will be digital only. So make sure to check out Cosmic Bridge Records for updates.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Badbadnotgood: BBNG2 [VIDEO]

As promised, the new BBNG2 from the your jazz massive Badbadnotgood, with a video to boot. The LP was recorded in one 10hr sessions featuring some of the murmured tracks heard at the WW Awards.




TNGHT: Introducing.... [VIDEO]

Well, this has been buzzing for some time now. Lunice made mild mentioned of it in a recent convo but the net has been abuzz. There was the recent Boiler Room performance at SXSW where many had heard - and seen, seen? - the collaborative piece play in full fidelity. Well, the official launch of the is now here, courtesy of Scion A/V. The two Red Bull Music Academy grads, and Lucky Me's soul-diers, Lunice and Hudson Mohawke's TNGHT project is up and running, and have premiered a video, shot and edited by Lucky Me's Lieutenant Dom Sum, over at Fact Mag.

Keep your eyes peeled for more goodies from Scion AV.



Mutek: Shlohmo & Salva Added to Festival

World class festival Mutek in Montreal has been diligently getting their acts together (lol) for the 13th edition of the festival. This meticulously curated event released wave one of acts a few weeks back, and have now published the new additions to the late May festival.
Headlining the new announcements is legendary A Guy Called Gerald (flashbacks to tender youth).
Where we have marked interest, is the return to Canada of both Frite Nite's Salva, as well as FoF Music's enfant terrible Shlohmo. The list looks as follows - in alphabetical order too:

K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O [CA]

Mutek 2012 is taking place May 30th-June 3rd. You can hit the Mutek site for more info.


Om Unit: Project Mooncircle/Boiler Room Mix

A mix that was recorded at the Project Mooncircle 10 yr anniversary, Om Unit's mix was recorded in a/v, as Boiler Room does. You can stream it here and/or download it by subscribing to their podcast on iTunes. It took a day or do for it to come up on the podcast but it's now up.

Om Unit: Project Mooncircle 10th Anniversary/Boiler Room Mix




Analogue Monsta: Q&A - Time To [VIDEO]

Oddly enough, I had been talking about this Analogue Monsta project w/ Suzi Analogue a little whilst back as I was hearing rumblings it was nearing completion. Monday, we in fact had just worked out some deets about a story idea I had for her and TOKiMONSTA. Then this lead video for Time To dropped yesterday...

So decided for a very quick Q&A w/ Suzi Analogue about the Analogue Monsta project. It went like this:

East coast, west coast. when did you guys 1st meet?

We officially met in Los Angeles in 2009 when Klipmode played Grand Star. Everyone had already been digging each other's music before that. Me and TOKiMONSTA had the same glasses necklace or something, so that just added fuel to the fire; our styles clicked in a lot of areas. We vibe well creatively.

With a name like Analogue Monsta, which simply rolls well off the tongue, it seemed like it was meant to be. Who brought up the idea of a collaboration??

It was a mutual thing. TOKiMONSTA wanted to do the remix of my original NXT MSG I think just because she vibed on it, but it ended up turning into something special, and we both really liked the sound we created together enough to just keep going. Naturally you take one part Analogue and one part TokiMonsta and get ANALOGUE MONSTA. Math is good.

When and how did Scion come aboard?

Scion Audio/Visual has been great at representing the work of innovative emerging artists recently by curating special projects for compelling work. So when they heard about Analogue Monsta and what we've been up to, they were down to be a part. This video is the first of 2012 a part for an installment series they are doing called Installment 7. They have created with Dam Funk, Danny Brown, Hudson Mohawke, Lunice (TNGHT), and others.

You both produce. Were the production duties split down the middle?? Did TOKiMONSTA make any attempts in the vocal booth?? ;)

We do. We both created the songs together, I arranged and wrote and this time it's a lot of TOKiMONSTA beats. In the future we will be doing all types of things though, you will never know what to expect from us, keep your minds open.

When is this EP dropping and can we expect something more substantial in the future?? Tour dates?

The EP will be out in a few weeks, we have surprises up our sleeves. It's important to us to keep this project as fun as possible... So we're steadily crafting surprises to drop on the world soon. We're really about that. The more love we receive, the more surprises we can concoct. We toured with Bonobo in 2010, and we had a blast, so we would definitely love to do a proper tour in the future. We love doing this.

Stay tuned for more news re: Analogue Monsta, and lock into Scion A/V for more news.


Monday, April 2, 2012

King Britt Presents Fhloston Paradigm [VIDEO]

Released last week, the much buzzed about Fhlostom Paradigm project produced by King Britt featured some new works as well as some he had originally started sometime last year in the midst of another project, SNS. This techno inspired EP has been praised by the likes of Kode9 (of course) and Mark Pritchard as a brilliant opus, and even more inspiring once you see how the music was created.

All analog gear:

(Roland) BOSS “Doctor Rhythm” DR-110 (1983)
Korg MS-20 (1978)
Korg Mono/Poly (1981)
Roland JX-3P (with Roland PG-200 programmer, 1983) (via CDM)

Fhlostom Paradigm is available now from HyperDub, including my fave track Chasing Rainbows, which is streaming above.



Waviary: Ambient App Out Now

After some challenges getting the app approved, the good ppl at Holderness Media were likely proud to have Waviary, their ambient generative instrument app approved and go live in the App Store.

Again, I can hear something pretty interesting happening right here and added to that, hard to beat a 99¢ price to for this. Sadly, this isn't a universal app, and has only been ported to the iPad. But there are some great iPad deals out right now, but that's on you.

Either way, enjoy.


Animoog: Moog App On Sale

Something for the producers w/ an iPhone and or an iPad. You want to add some synthational sounds to your works?? Animoog, the Moog Music app entry that made a massive splash last year when they dropped, has been put up on sale for $1.99 and $2.99 for the iPhone and iPad respectively. Tons of sound design potential with this app, powered by their Anisotropic Synth Engine.

The iPhone version is $1.99 and the iPad one is going for $2.99 down from $29.99 (at one point at least). Do recall that you can play this w/ a multitude of midi devices using the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. There are tons of examples of it on YouTube, like this one. You can find a list here.



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