Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vlek Presents: Beatsurfing App

The few of you who might know me personally, know I've been immersed in the iOS music development movement. What's come out of that environment for authoring has been nothing short of remarkable. So many interesting apps have allowed for nearly unlimited amounts of creativity. Ask Africa Hitech about it and then listen to Swair. Either way, would it be of any surprise that a label might throw one out there?? Of course not. (Shouts to Ghostly)
Enter Vlek, Herrmutt Lobby and Beatsurfing. It had been a min, since I had heard the name Herrmutt Lobby and the last I recall from him was Bassfudge Powerscones around top of 2009 - so yes i've been out of touch. I was totally unaware he was a code writer. Nice.
So Vlek and Herrmutt Lobby have teamed up to present Beatsurfing.
If apps like Draw Something Free, TouchOSC and Photoshop were to have a kid, it might look something like Beatsurfing. The apparent difference is that Beatsurfing will be less button pushing and more finger dragging, which in part reminds of yet to be authorized Waviary w/o the beat element. Either way, this is something promising for the iOS fans.

This app is still in it's beta phase, but if you're interested in beta testing, you can sign up here. I might actually do it.

They're looking at



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