Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tokimonsta ft Rucyl: Fame Boozers Lullaby

I got a little too excited. Saw this yesterday, bookmarked it, came back only to see a grey'ed out arrow. NOOOOOOOOO.
After sending a distress signal to Rucyl directly, she was like... CALM DOWN - THERE"S A LINK IN THE PAGE. I looked again and just blushed. Then sent her a eTwitter hug and kiss. I gotta drink less soy milk. Making me way too emo. LOL.
So as the headline describes, we have a smooth, beat driven berceuse from Brainfeeder's 1st lady Tokimonsta, with cheribic chants courtesy of SNS's Rucyl. Say wrd.
This was thrown up as a freebie yesterday, so go nuts.



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