Friday, March 16, 2012

Suff Daddy: Twisted ft Vertual Vertigo

Suff Daddy has a full length in the works for Melting Pot, and has just leaked the lead single featuring Vertual Vertigo (Ezekiel 38 & Cerebral Vortex) on the mic. Something of a rarity from Suff Daddy as the majority of his records have been of the instrumental ilk, but this is welcomed nonetheless.
A straight 4/4 old drum break with a guitar loop never sounded or looked better in an elevator. You can grab this lead single from the forthcoming Suff Sells LP, courtesy of Suff Daddy and Melting Pot.
The video is here as well for added visuals, and is there anything more gangster that Cerebral Vortex's beard?? ;)

This lead single will be available as a 7" April 6th 2012, with the LP coming in May. Order info can be scooped here.



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