Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jon Wayne: Oodles & Doodles [VIDEO]

What is old is new again. 1stly, congrats to Jon Wayne for signing to Stones Throw. In a convo we had sometime in mid 2010, he mentioned he was about to get down w/ ST but asked to keep it low. So I did. Glad to see it all come together.
As such, Stones Throw is releasing 2 records as 1. Some will recall the original Doodles which he released on his own, selling it at shows. Other will recall his massive breakout Bowser from Alpha Pup which was championed by the likes of Gaslamp Killer, and had some great riddims. Well, the 2 are being released as a double album and it's available now.
More importantly, what's old is new again. When releasing Doodles, we spoke and I mentioned the old rap series entitled FROM THE VAULTS (2008-2009?) where he flexed his emcee skills, quite adeptly in fact and I wondered if that was ever going to resurface. He had lost the masters last he mentioned. They're likely floating around the net and I couldn't pull them up myself as my ext HD is in Toronto, as I write this from a west coast hotel. Either way, glad to see Jon Wayne officially back on the mic. In the interim, as you wait for that new new, scoop the OODLES OF DOODLES by Jon Wayne, Stones Throw newest signee.



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