Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Elaquent: The Scenic Route

As I listen to this full Scenic Route LP, the artwork has now been revealed, as well as the track listing for this highly anticipated LP. I've seen Elaquent's star rise over the last few years and am more than happy to see this new project come to fruition.


1. Recurring Dream
2. Montreal Poutine
3. No Sense of Direction
4. Work of Art
5. Sweet Nothings
6. Grey Poupon (ft Octavio Santos)
7. Knuckle Sandwich
8. Love at Third Sight
9.Black Magic (ft Kae)
10. Teddy Bear
11. The Look (YouKnowWhatLoveIs)
12. Palm Tree Shit (ft Coincidence & Bahwee)
13. Carpe Diem
14. My Apologies

More to come.



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