Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bleep Presents Filtered

Remember than Bleep unsigned competition from late last year? I suppose that it's all come together after the thousands of submissions. Looks like the final few cats have been picked and Bleep put out a teaser to start the campaign. You can - I believe - download the teaser track here, but you can certainly stream the promo mix for the compilation below. The Filtered comp will be out April 23rd. Head over to the Filtered page for info.

Filtered Promo Mix by

Winners of the coveted spots are as follows.

Corticyte (Devon, UK)
Decibels (Northampton, UK)
Gidi (Amsterdam, Watergraafsmeer, NL)
Goeserr (Koziegłowy, Poznań - Poland)
Hugo Frederick (Melbourne, Australia)
Fist of the First Man (Cardiff, Wales, UK)
imagineIAM (Lafayette, LA - USA)
Matt Cawte (Aberystwyth, Wales, UK)
Oddlogic (Brooklyn, New York - USA)
S_P_A_C_E_S (London, UK)
Super Magic Hats (Melbourne, Australia)
Syndicate (Bournemouth, UK)


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