Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tensei: One EP [DL]

I was recently having this convo w/ this cat I know. Long hip hop fan and producer who was like... "MAN, I'm all about the loops and drums man." No doubt. What's next though? What if you want to do a touch more?? Some cats have been stuck, but not these guys. I 1st ran into the name Tensei when they came up on a Bilal 12" with a tight remix for Robots.
I got an email saying they were down w/ Plug Research and they were about to drop. I've been listening to this EP for a min, and in it found a group that was thinking as I was - w/o getting into details. Tensei (Simple X and Midas Wells) have been producing for years, before meeting in uni, and met up again some time after a came together as Tensei, heaven star in Japanese. Again, ardent hip hop fans who found themselves wanting to do and try more. Enter The One EP. A range of production that finds dubby riddims, to smooth jazz influenced renditions to straight hip hop bangers. The maturity does shine through on this One EP, and is one that I do keep in rotation. Chi Town stand up.

Track List

1. Acid Reign
2. For the Love
3. Let ‘em in
4. Fly Trap
5. The Minotaur
6. Threee’s
7. Smash Mouth
8. For the Love ft. Adad, Yaw, & Denmark (Bonus Track)
9. Fly Trap ft. Scarlet Monk (Bonus Track)
10. Smash Mouth ft. Scud One, Phenom, & The Ones (Bonus Track)

You can download the above track, but it looks like you buy it from iTunes if you want to the bonus tracks. Show love.



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