Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sir OJ: Supreme EP

It's been a hot min since I've heard from Sir OJ. The member of the dutch trio Slumgullion, who had very early impact in this game being a part of the very influential Beat Dimensions v1 record, had since gone a little dark, after a subsequent EP. The odd single here and there surfaced online, but nothing significant unless you were an ardent follower. One for Nalden droppeed from Sir OJ and then followed by the likes of Marrakech Heater, One For Brum and this BANGER of a Kid Cudi re-edit called Cudder (bananas). But some of us longed for the early talent we had heard in 2007-08. Well, now, here's one for us finally: Supreme EP

In this new Supreme EP, we witness a touch of maturation from Sir OJ. The once more hip hop influenced producer has delivered one that has still his roots on tape, but certainly more club tempo driven rhythms. Right from the start, the self titled track is runs in a very dance floor friendly 140, with the ubiquitous 32nd hi hats throughout the track. In fact, we're treated to that kind of of cadence through three track off this EP, joined by synths and some 808 claps and rolls. You can listen to cuts from the Supreme EP below.

The EP is out now and can be scoped up online. Enjoy.


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