Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Red Bull Music Academy: Various Assets 2011 [DL]

As many of you know by now, this is Red Bull Music Academy application season. Now through April 2 2012, all aspiring musicians can apply for the now high profile and prestigious program. The grads of the 4 week event are well known and documented, as is much of their music. And once a year, the music from the previous academy is released to the masses for all to enjoy.
For the last 9 days, the Red Bull Music Academy has been releasing the recorded gems from The 2011 Madrid edition, and this morning was capped another drop. All will be available for personal pleasure and consumption - for free. Until the 24th, 1 track will be dropped daily capping a 16 day campaign. On Feb 24th, the full 35 track album will be made available for the world to enjoy and marvel at.

Come back daily and check for the new track of the day as it gets added.

If you're in Canada, do recall that the Red Bull Music Academy Tour co-presented by Mutek will be criss crossing the country starting Feb 29th, and will feature none other than Martyn + Egyptrixx with support from Academy grads.

More deets to come...


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