Saturday, February 18, 2012

RBMA: Maseo Of De La Soul [VIDEO]

Ahhhh... The Red Bull Music Academy aka la verdad aka the truth. As I mentioned, the Red Bull Music Academy will be in NYC this year for the 2012 edition, and all around the world, they're doing great lectures with esteemed music curators be it producers, DJs, singers etc... Was in San Fran recently for the Masters At Work/Stretch And Bobbito lectures, but would have loved to hve been to this following one live.
This about 2 weeks ago, Maseo of De La Soul sat on the proverbial couch in Los Angeles to speak and wow... gems right from the jump. This lecture is the type of academic element of the music that I always say is missing these days. Let's sit down and talk to cats and see what they have to say about life in their own words, cadence and tone.
Clear your next 2 hr so you can watch this a few times. Enjoy.


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