Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Mooncircle 10th Anniversary [DL]

10 yrs. Where were you 10 yrs ago?? I know where I was, what I was doing and I even remember HER name. LOL.
Seriously though, Project Mooncircle has been *putting in work* in this game long before many knew what was happening. Many of these young producers might have been busy figuring out whether to watch Goldorak, Albator, Battle Of The Planets or original Transformers. Meanwhilst, Project Mooncircle has been releasing the music that we now cherish all day. I came across the label in late 07 (thank you Jay) and have been watching them ever since.
To celebrate the 10 yr feat, a 4LP boxset is set for release: PROJECT MOON CIRCLE - 10TH ANNIVERSARY BOX SET

This massive 45 track compilation will take you across a 10 yr span of artists who have worked with the famed Germany based label, from Mike Slott, to 1000 names, to Mike Gao, Robot Koch, Kelpe and so many more. 32 tracks will be spread across 4 wax LPs - 2 black and 2 white, and an additional 13 will be made avail via digital, all set for release March 13 2012.


In the meantime, here's a great sampler ahead of the boxset, to keep you all warm and fuzzy until March 13th.

And video....

... and you can sample the entirety of the LP.

Either way, keep a look out and we'll be posting more deets as the time comes closer.



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