Friday, February 24, 2012

MF Doom @ Boiler Room 2-23-2012 [DL]

This was a little surreal. For all those who know what Boiler Room is all about, this was one of the oddest sets. 1st thing, the room was full of DUDES, something I had yet to experience. In fact, it was such an odd crowd, I don't even recall seeing Hat Man. But the oddest site of all was seeing Doom on the decks, at time looking lost, but the site of him being surrounded by man fans, most being close enough to peer into his laptop as he spun his selections.... was quite the site.
Now, the recluse Doom who has in past been overly protective of his appearances, allowed for a streaming of his set (which he denied when he did the show w/ Ghost), and even had it recorded. Whoa. Either way, there were some gems dropped, certainly reflective of Doom's era - and he's seen it all folks. Pretty sure I heard some Third Bass, early LONS... gems.
With that being said... enjoy this set from MF Doom on Boiler Room, also available for download from iTunes.

Red Stripe Make Sessions #001 - MF DOOM at Boiler Room





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