Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lapalux: When You're Gone EP [DL]

These are the records that I impatiently wait for. Reason? Among a small intelligentsia, there was some expressed concern re: the direction of the beat science environment. The known genre that lacked a name, but made up in attention, also lacked direction. Not only that, some among us would tell you that technology's welcome mat made it's access unprecedented - a double edge sword. On one hand, I've had a firm belief that everyone has a banger inside them. With that being said, the beat science may also be be suffering from a devalued currency by it's flooding of the market. Just take a look around. Lastly, the growth has been arrested much like a EU zone economy. Enter Lapalux. I usually don't trust cats w/ 2 first names, but this young Stuart Howard aka Lapalux, a brit on the cusp of a stellar release from the Brainfeeder camp from Cali. Dropping Feb 07 2012 will be his 3rd release, When You're Gone EP.


1. 102 Hours of Introductions
2. Moments (Feat. PY)
3. Gone
4. Yellow 90's
5. Construction Deconstruction
6. Gutter Glitter
7. Face Down, Eyes Shut

When You're Gone EP is an emotionally charged record, possibly inspired by myriads of morose moments, carefully crafted in a sedate cadence, a tempo not unfamiliar to a beat fanatic but too oft unexplored. Melodic murmurs, dramatic synths, gritty samples and other known elements make up this impassioned release from Lapalux. A marvel as mysterious as it is mawkish, When You're Gone is certainly recherché, with lead tracks like the fantastic Gutter Glitter which plays like a Stygian score, his electro organic sound. Some of my faves also includes Moments (feat PY) and Construction Deconstruction. In the interim, enjoy Gutter Glitter as a freebie.


When You're Gone EP drops Feb 07 2012 from the Brainfeeder label, and distributed by Ninja Tune worldwide.



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