Saturday, February 4, 2012

Krystal Klear: We're Wrong b/w From The Start


As I post this, I think of the cover of the new Billboard featuring A Trak, Diplo and Skrillex. A dance revolution has been taking place, with tempos all geared towards getting all to meet at the dance floor. Can't be mad @ that. One who never knew anything but tempo and club bangers is one Krystal Klear. Just a few months removed from his stint at the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid, money making Manchester's maestro releases his 2nd 12" w/ All City. In ode to the dance floor, and the ladies that fill it, we have a quasi throw back to early days of house riddims from the phenom. Yup. Tempos stay are up. Yup. The revered 808 sets the cadence on both track and the bodies moving for durations of each. Yup. There's no question these are dance floor ditties for deities,

We're Wrong
From The Start This Krystal Klear from All City should be in stores Feb 20th 2012, and the wax will be supplied w/ download codes.




  1. Luvin the chopped up vocals, definitely getting this when it drops on wax

  2. love the assortment. keep up the work.


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