Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kan Sano: Cicindela Japonica [DL]

Been a min since I caught something from Kan Sano. There was an appearance on this Sunrise Choir, but the last release I recall was his Fantastic Farewell release. Well, the proficient pianist and producer is back with a little something for his fans to consume. Released quietly earlier today was Cicindela Japonica, what I see translates to a Japanese beetle. This 6 track release will again display the purposeful production from a former jazz student who meets hip hop influences of his former band, but also still injects that singular soul that the Japanese have long been fond of. Best of all, he's made this Cicindela Japonica release a freebie. You can sample it below.


01. inspire
02. key
03. stay
04. see
05. heartbeat
06. space




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