Wednesday, February 22, 2012

FOR THE D: Badbadbnotgood LIVE in Toronto [VIDEO]

As I promised yesterday, we were working on putting together a slick video of the phenomenal show, FOR THE D we put together Feb 9th. An idea that really started 1 yr ago in my head, that went to a quick meeting in the park last fall, and came to fruition Feb 9th - very flavourful fruition. I love it when good ideas come together. Better yet, I love it when good like minded folk connect, and this was a great show - here AND in Montréal. The final product was Badbadnotgood doing phenomenal medleys of Dilla's great work, for all to enjoy. Amazing indeed.

In any case,want to thanks Matt, Alex, Chester, GhettoGold, Nav, Wrongbar (thank you so much guys), Taktiks, André, Red Bull Canada and last but certainly far from least, my full time mellow, and fuller time visionary T Franchise at Gloss for the fantastic edit and of course all who came out to make this a priceless experience. Toronto is in the building. 92 is in the building. Stay tuned....



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